To The Rescue!

LA City Council passes useless anti-war resolution

By Gil Contreras
Published on LatinoLA: February 23, 2003

To The Rescue!

Oh my God, somebody call the media! The Los Angeles City Council, after much debate, in-fighting and political intrigue, has passed a resolution that is bound to ?make history.? Have they figured out how to relieve commuter traffic during peak traffic hours? No. Have they come up with a plan that will greatly reduce gang violence in the City of Angels? No. What is it you ask? A resolution on Iraq. Iraq, you ask? Iraq!

While Southern California families say good-bye to their fathers, mothers, sons and daughters who are gearing up for war in Iraq, the Los Angeles City Council has passed a resolution opposing a unilateral war in Iraq without United Nations support. No resolution to rally around the troops who are prepared to deploy half way around the world to protect the very rights and lifestyle of these local politicos and their constituents. No, ?Hey, lets tie a yellow ribbon ?round the ole oak tree, till they come back safely!?

I don?t know about you, but I?m growing very weary of armchair, uninformed, leftist liberals like the L.A. City Council (less Alex Padilla, Wendy Greuel, Jack Weiss and Dennis Zine), oldies but goodies Mike Farrell, Martin Sheen (thinks he?s the president), and Susan Sarandon, speaking about things they have no knowledge of.

In case any one at the city council reads, and I?m not confident they do, I have listed just some of the reasons we should send troops to Iraq and disarm and remove Saddam Hussein.

1. Iraq is in material breach of U.N. resolution 1441.

2. Iraq has ignored all U.N. resolutions since 1991.

3.I raq continues to hide chemical and biological weapons from current (and past) U.N. weapons inspectors.

4. Iraq currently has long-range missiles in violation of U.N. resolutions.

5. Saddam Hussein has made $25 thousand dollar payments to the families of Hamas suicide bombers.

6. When Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait in 1991 he intended to control Iraq?s oil, Kuwait?s oil, and 40 ? 60 % of Saudi Arabia?s oil. It most certainly is about oil.

7. Saddam Hussein used mustard gas against his own people.

8. Saddam Hussein dropped SCUD missiles on civilians in Israel during Desert Storm.

9. The people of Iraq want a regime change.

And even though Amnesty International takes the positions that force should only be used as a last resort, their February 2003 Monthly Bulletin, stated the following about life in Iraq:

?Scores of people, including possible prisoners of conscience and armed forces officers suspected of planning to overthrow the government, have been executed during the past few years. The death penalty has also been extended to the offenses of prostitution, homosexuality, incest and rape, with those convicted of prostitution to be executed by the sword. Torture and ill treatment of political prisoners and detainees remain systematic. The United Nations Commission on Human Rights has adopted a resolution condemning the ?widespread and extremely grave violations of human rights and of international humanitarian law by the government of Iraq, resulting in an all-pervasive repression and oppression sustained by broad-based discrimination and widespread terror.??

This is what the L.A. City Council endorses.

As one who has served his country and this city, both as a soldier and as a police officer, I have one thing to say to the L.A. City Council, celebrity government bashers, and left over activists of 60?s glory days: While you pass useless resolutions against the war in Iraq, someone has to sacrifice so that you may continue to have the right to bad mouth our government, blame America for Islamic fundamentalists? hatred of Americans, and advocate for killers like Saddam Hussein from the comfort of council chambers.

Those who have served, and continue to serve, would prefer that you just said, ?thank you.?

About Gil Contreras:
Gil Contreras is a former police officer, award winning journalist and writer in Los Angeles. Email: Xcop1035@aol.com

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