News From the Brown Side of Town, 8.18.09

Happenings in the Land of 1,000 Dances

By Frankie Firme ~ Contributing Editor
Published on LatinoLA: August 18, 2009

News From the Brown Side of Town, 8.18.09

Hoo wee! Another great moment in time in the Summer of 2009 with chismes and happenings to make the Gente be noticed‘«™and other people & stuff be damned!

First of all‘«™congratulations are in order :

To Sonia Sotomayor for getting past all the political, good old white boy, traditional back stabbing, dirty politics, caca and sniveling, and getting confirmed as the first Latina ever to sit on the United States Supreme Court bench. Our most deepest & warmest congratulations!

My compliments as well to the Republicans who had the huevos to vote for her, NOT because she is Latina‘«™but because common sense prevailed‘«™and she was seen as competent & qualified‘«™Orale!

That's all that was EVER expected !

Secondly, to brother George Lopez for his second, successful, nationally televised HBO Comedy special, and his third successful nationally televised comedy special since being replaced by the lame gabacho TV executives who thought a show about cavemen would be funnier and more popular‘«™the only thing funny was that the caveman show didn't last a single season on ABC, and home~boy George, with 7 successful seasons under his belt, has become internationally syndicated outside the small minds & grubby hands of ABC. (aka the Anglo Broadcasting Company)

The economy still sucks, but the Gente are hanging in there! Guess who WE'RE watching on TV? Go head on, George! Te aventastes, ese! See you at Carrillo's.

As if we were surprised Department:‘«™it only took a decade of complaints and allegations for SOMEBODY to finally look into abuse and mistreatment of prisoners in the Orange County jail system. With their once nationally worshipped Orange County Sheriff chief, Mike "America's Cop" Carona busted & publicly disgraced for corruption and straight out adultry at public expense, it's finally come to the Fed's attention that "the O.C." is just as dirty, if not dirtier, than the L.A. Orange County snubs their noses at, and payback is not only a bitch‘«™it's justice for all!

The people you abuse & disrespect today‘«™will come after you and work against you tomorrow! Say hello to Pete Wilson for us!

Sad to say that the wonderful, FREE medical clinic set up at the Forum in Inglewood will be closing this week. Thousands of people, both young and old, of all raza's, were treated to free medical, dental, and optometry services this past week that they have been suffering without for years.

We at LatinoLA personally wish to thank all the volunteer professionals who gave of their time ,talent, and love‘«™and alleviated at least SOME suffering for many at no cost, while our state & local Government can't relieve ANY suffering, and they're charging us millions for that fact.

You would think that the Government would have at least a little shame & remorse for the public exposure of almost third world health conditions in California they helped create with their greed and sense of entitlement, but then, of all the tapado moves you could think of, instead of cutting the tax supported perks & luxury from the top at these terrible economic times, the California State Government, the Legislature in particular, votes to cut Children's Healthcare in California while giving themselves and their staff raises averaging up to 10%...talk about getting screwed without a kiss!

‘«™think of the billions more it's going to cost in the future when preventable and untreated disease and epidemics start spreading, and people start dying, due to unavailable healthcare‘«™not to mention the millions in media payoffs and PR spins it's going to take to keep the public uninformed and separated, while the politicians and the undeserving rich & privileged start getting jacked by the angry population who are doing without and watching their children suffer because of them‘«™and it's coming, baby!

Well‘«™until that happens, I can only hope and pray that the RAZA keeps their heads together rationally, continues to protect & respect our women and children , continues to work together & help each other seek solutions rather than "turn tribal" and start turning on each other. WE NEED to recognize the Machiavellian political movidas that have been used against us for years to keep the "Mexican crab" theory alive and well for politician's benefit, and put a stop to it before we start to feed on each other‘«™it's time to change our ways AGAIN, Mi Gente! Talk with your children!

Orale! Perdoname‘«™Enough of the Apocalyptics‘«™let's get on with the music!


As expected, the continued success of the San Fernando Valley Marine Corps League's "Friday Night at the Legion"dances brought another great crowd out to the Reseda American Legion Post on a Friday night, as the SFV's very own The COMPANY Band, featuring BECKY CORDOVA, came to town for a great party. With sizzling special guest vocalist Vanessa Figueroa (daughter of East L.A. singing legend Bertha Oropeza), the COMPANY was on the mark, keeping the place and the dance floor packed till after midnight with an electrifying performance. Hot dual keyboard action & vocals by Eddie Garcia & Ray Cordova made it right, and further electrified the night, for a grateful and partying crowd, including yours truly, who was privileged once again to share a stage with my old friends, Becky Cordova & The Company band. For more info on the Company band: www.thecompanyband-tcb.com.

The month of August also sees the end of a great 2009 Spring~Summer concert series in the San Fernando Valley hosted by the SFV Marine Corps League at the Reseda American Legion Hall, as they welcome The SOUL PURSUIT Band this Friday, August 21st. The SOUL PURSUIT Band has been rocking L.A. and the San Gabriel Valley all Summer for years, and now come to the San Fernando Valley to spread the love of good music, fun, and dancing. Hosted by yours truly, FRANKIE FIRME, I most humbly invite you to join us for the final " Friday Night at the Legion" Dance for 2009 with the SOUL PURSUIT Band. The support for the Marines of the SFV Marine Corps League Detachment 1277 has been very gratifying, respectful, and worthy of a great big THANK YOU‘«™and we THANK YOU ALL from the bottom of our hearts!!! For tickets to a great show, which features FREE secure parking, door prizes & raffles, delicious $1.00 food menu, discount drink specials, the best dance bands in L.A., a great crowd, and dancing past midnight in a romantic, clean, modern, and air conditioned atmosphere:
USMCsgt7@aol.com ~ fred.flores29@g-mail.com or Castrellon5@yahoo.com or call (818) 599-2719 or (818) 621-3920. I will see you there!!

Last weekend saw TIERRA, the COMPANY Band, and the BIG MANNY Band pack Steven's Steakhouse in East L.A. for a righteous party that had the waiting line winding around the corner‘«™and unfortunately some Gente were turned away as the show completely sold out. Sorry 'bout that! Hosted by Cable/Internet TV star THEE Mr. DURAN, a second show is now in the works. When you're good, you're GOOD! For more info: www.mrduran.com.

The BAG OF TRICKS, another great band from the San Fernando Valley rocked it hard in the Land of 1000 Dances as well, putting in work at crowded joints like the Mint Canyon Moose & Don Cuco's in Canyon Country. For more info: www.BOTricks.com.

Private parties are great, and I couldn't have gone to a better private party than the wedding & reception of one of my step-sons this past weekend, featuring L.A.'s powerful and ever popular SATISFACTION Band (www.satisfactionband.com), along with the San Fernando Valley's renown DJ "ILL~PHIL". Singer PEPE MARQUEZ and his lovely lady stopped by to party with the familia, and Pepe gave us a song by popular demand. An elegant affair decorated and gourmet catered by MONA LISA CATERING of Northridge (www.monalisacatering.com), the night was elegant and memorable for all, as my lady & I ate, drank, danced, and laughed among our children, and congratulations go out to Mr. & Mrs. Franky & Monica Nolasco . My personal thanks to all who contributed in making this a memory that will last a lifetime!!

Besides rocking the Lakewood Hop and the Glory Days Sports Bar in Lakewood, and Maggie's Pub in Santa Fe Springs to some large crowds, the SOUL PURSUIT Band continues it's summer tour throughout Southern California, coming to the Reseda American Legion Post this Friday. For more info: www.soulpursuitband.com or (818) 599-2719 or (818) 621-3920. Gonna be a great party !!

The October 11th date is coming soon for the LA MUSART PHAT JAM for the ARTS, starring: JOHNY POLANCO, Comedians GILBERT ESQUIVEL and ERNIE G, the SUAVE Band, CHINO ESPINOSA, ORQUESTA SON MAYOR, some of the best Club DJ's in L.A., and more to be announced at the Whittier RADISSON HOTEL for a fund raising benefit for the Los Angeles School of Music & Art. Hosted by Mr. Peter Jaramillo, the benefit show/party will benefit the students of Los Angeles who wish to pursue their dreams of music and art, who otherwise would be denied these gifts due to budget cutbacks in our public school system. Don't let politics deprive our young! Support this most noble gesture while coming out for a good time in the elegant atmosphere of the famous Whittier Radisson Hotel. For more info: www.jegrp.com.

For all you cool Veteranos who know how to wear a Zoot Suit and look good in it, and all you fine Ladies that know how to make him look even better with you at his side, GNR Entertainment invites you to the first ever EAST SIDE COMEDY & ZOOT SUIT BOOGIE SHOW on Saturday, September 26th at the Crown Plaza Hotel & Ballroom in San Pedro. Doors opening at 7pm and the show starting at 8:30, Comedian GILBERT ESQUIVEL brings his famous comedy show to a new level, with special guest comedians, Old School DJ~dance music provided by DJ Piccolo, and the cast of TV's "Operation Repo" welcomes you to a night of laughs and dancing. Prizes for best Zoot Suit and "pin up" girl. For tickets & info: (310) 518- 2229, and tell 'em you heard it from Frankie Firme y ponle sus calcos mas fina para tirar chancla Chicano style !!

LOUIE PARRA & The MAD LATINS continue rocking the southland with recent successful gigs in Pomona, Azusa, and San Bernardino. They return for a private gig in the San Fernando Valley August 29th, and are becoming more & more in demand, known for their funky Soul/R&B/Latin Soul grooves. For more info on these talented guys: www.theemadlatinsband.com.

East L.A. Chicano music legends George Salazar ( Thee Midniters) and Tony "Beaver" Carrol (The Jaguars, East L.A. Revue All Star Band), have got a great new Old School- "East Side Sound" group going called THE 2nd TIME AROUND Band, which is picking up steam. They gave a free concert last week for a large crowd at Rick's Drive-In in Alhambra, and have more rocking appearances scheduled. For more info, contact (323) 312-7949 , and step out to enjoy some good old fashioned "garage rock" of the 1960's-70's.

Well wishes, love, hugs, and prayers go out to Tejano Music Recording star Tony "Ham" Guerrero (Little Joe & the Latinnaires, Tortilla Factory fame) who is presently in ill health. Get better, brother!! Please send all well wishes to: tonyhamguerrero@sbcglobal.net.

The times just ain't the right times without some fine music, and there just ain't no finer music than that on www.eastLArevue.com and www.djchentemrog.com. Featuring yours truly Frankie Firme spinning some of the finest Oldies but Goodies & Latin Soul music on the web enjoyed around the World, I'm joined by DJ's Crazy Chuy Hernandez, Chico Manqueros, Mr. O.G., Dona Pancha, El Chino, El Betoman, la Sk8er, Ray & Josie Ramos, SAPO, la Traviesa, and Mr. Steven Chavez himself, for the music that defines 5 generations of Brown folks north of the border.

A big thanks goes out to Ms Annette "Dallas Home~Girl" Alvarez of Texas for her undying support of the Texas-Califas Chicano music scene with her great website www.calimusica.com.

Friday August 28th sees renown East L.A. Chicano comedian RUDY MORENO hosting a "Summer under the stars" concert-show featuring one of L.A.'s finest, the SOTO Band, going to work with a live music performance, along with stand up appearances by comedians GILBERT ESQUIVEL, DANNON GREEN, and of course, Mr. RUDY MORENO himself. All happening at the Commerce Casino starting at 6pm , food, music, and of course, some of the best gambling tables on the West Coast. For more info: www.commercecasino.com.

Things still be happening at one of L.A.s finest Chicano Cultural Centers, TIA CHUCHA CENTRO CULTURAL in Sylmar. Art of the Brown persuasion never looked so good, and was never more available. For more info: www.tiachucha.com and www.Xispas.com.

The Chicano Soul Concert of the year is coming to you for one weekend only on the West Coast in September before heading back to Texas, and you don't want to miss this great show, produced by Mr. RUBEN MOLINA. For more info: www.mictlan.com.

Speaking of Texas, Grammy Award wining music producer BOB GALLARZA has another great Tejano Music CD release for your listening pleasure entitled "On common ground". Haven't heard all the tracks yet, but the ones I have heard were pretty good. If you got a taste for yesterday's & today's Tejano Music a la brava, check out www.bobgallarza.com.

As always, the "word of Aztlan" is heard here first on V and I invite you to spread the word to be heard!

Education and Art, no matter where it comes from, is a gift that should be shared by all, and NOBODY shares better than us!

Also as always, I ask you to keep a prayer in your heart, and song in your soul, for our brave young men & women serving overseas in uniform in Iraq & Afghanistan.

It's not over, over there‘«™and regardless of anybody's political beliefs or convictions, they are over there representing and serving us unselfishly and voluntarily‘«™and THEY DESERVE our love & support for that !

Ay te watcho, from the Land of 1000 Dances,
Frankie Firme

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