Miguel Mas: CEO of Mas & More Entertainment

On those who wish to get into the Entertainment industry: I would say be fearless

By Lisa Zion, Contributing Writer
Published on LatinoLA: August 25, 2009

Miguel Mas: CEO of Mas & More Entertainment

Miguel Mas in an actor, writer, producer and director. He was born in San Juan, Argentina where he grew up in a large Spanish family. From there he moved to Puerto Rico and began working in television and soap operas. In 1994, he moved to Spain where he studied the Stanislavski method of acting. He went to New York but then discovered that he wanted to get more involved in the moving making process. So he moved to Los Angeles.

Of all the hats he wears, Miguel tells me that he enjoys directing because he can express himself better. He still loves being a character actor. To find a little more on Miguel, one has only to check out his hilarious video on You Tube. With over 1,000,000 hits, he plays Jesus in Jesus Christ, the Musical. He also has a demo reel that you can watch. In his demo reel he plays a doctor telling a young woman she has gonorrhea. He plays a Russian con man in an episode of Unsolved Mysteries. He plays a gay choreographer and a Latino lover. I can see why he enjoys being a character actor.

On filming the Jesus video he told me it was "a long day of shooting in front of Grauman's Chinese theater. Many of the tourists thought I was one of the regular characters, hitting people up for a photo opportunity".

Miguel has completed writing and directing a feature film entitled, "The Love Equation". In this film he delves into what it is that brings people together to fall in love. It may seem like the right equation, the right person. But maybe it is the wrong person. Maybe it doesn't add up. The confusion becomes evident when a new person arrives and the original relationship doesn't make sense. He is submitting his film into various film festivals like the LA film festival and the AFI. He is hoping it gets picked up and distributed.

Miguel tells me he started his production company, Mas & More Entertainment in 2001 to show Latinos in a more favorable light. In 2006, he wrote a pilot for a television series, Hollywood & Highland.

The premise for Hollywood & Highland is four Latinos who come from different walks of life share an apartment in LA. Through this series we discover the psychology of LA. Los Angeles can be a very lonely place. One sees the glamour, the money, but you also see the homeless. You still see the hope in the people who come here from across the border. It's all here. The pilot is currently in pre-production.

As if that were not enough, he is working with his associate producer on two new films, Trickle and Casate Conmigo. You can watch clips from his films and tv series on his website: http://www.masandmore.com.

I asked him if he ever worries about lack of creativity or having a writer's block. He laughs as he tells us:

I don't worry about creativity. I dream a lot and I trust in my dreams. Sometimes my dreams will mix with my personal life. I write what I dream. It's very exciting and I have a huge imagination.

On working on ER: It was great working on the series ER. It was very fast paced. My character got killed quite quickly.

On working with Steven Spielberg: I worked three days with him. I admire his work so much, he is so inspiring.

On those who wish to get into the Entertainment industry: I would say be fearless. Get involved with people who are already in the industry. Be true to yourself. Create your role, follow your instincts. Follow your heart to make sure that whatever you do it speaks to your truth. It may sound strange to someone else, but you must learn to follow your instincts and never give up.

Thank you, Lisa for contacting me for this interview. I'd like to say to your readers that we have come a long way as Latinos but there is still so much more that we can do.

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