A Brief History of East LA Revue.com Internet Radio, Part 1

Steven Chavez, Frankie Firme and "Crazy" Chuy Hernandez: pioneers in Chicano/Latino music on the internet air waves

By Steven Chavez
Published on LatinoLA: August 28, 2009

A Brief History of East LA Revue.com Internet Radio, Part 1

From the entire staff, from all of our dedicated DJs, and from our crew here at the East LA Revue.com Headquarters, we thank the LatinoLA contributors and viewers for your comments and response to our previous editorial visit.

The East LA Revue.com is a multimedia experience featuring music from many different recorded sources of the past and present. Most of these audio and recordings feature the cultural ethnicity and musical tastes of the Southwest.

Be it Chicano Soul, the Eastside Sound, Divas de Califas, the San Anto Horns, the Bay Area Brass and Oakland Funk, Latin Jazz from the Southland Golden State 5 from San Diego North to Sacramento, the Los Angeles based Rhythm & Blues, or a favorite Tejano Tex-Mex Style, we do it all. We are internet radio and available world-wide everyday and all the time.

Please allow me to introduce myself and some of the talent on our internet jukebox:

Steven Chavez, owner and Station Manager here, to say it has been a privilege and delight working with the crew, be it staff or contributing internet DJs in producing lasting musical tributes, educate and entertain our listening audience, and our presentation in a high quality, comprehensive format, and a cost-effective budget. Much of our success can be attributed to the advances in technology and the internet. But the important part is the dedication, supportive nature, and the quality of talent consistently displayed in front of the microphone with the interesting music programming. Our crew does those things and enjoys every minute. Quality is tantamount to our presentations, and we deliver.

During our fledgling growth period, we were fortunate to meet many different people & personalities, some sharing similar dreams and aspirations of promoting a unique culture in a most unique way in today's world.

One such entity is the popular west coast web magazine LatinoLA.com, and "El Editor", Mr. Abelardo de la Pe??a Jr.. Thanks to him, a means to escape and explore our diversified culture by way of the world wide Internet in the new millennium exists. The site has set a high standard, evident by the editorial offerings of the contributing editors, writers, and reading and listening audience.

East L.A. Revue radio started with two DJs and a few special features. Frankie Firme and his "Second Time Around Show", and Crazy Chuy Hernandez with his "The Chicano Express Show" initiated internet podcasting on the East LA Revue.com with the technical support of the "Master of the Webs" - Mr. Alfred Alva, our web-master.

We were later fortunate to have the popular West Coast " Prince of Latin jazz with a taste of Latin Soul", radio personality Mr. Erik "Chico" Manqueros, with his renowned "Gozando with Chico Show", and join our programming.

Now, we were COOKING!

Other fine radio personalities/DJ's began joining us and making a pass through the cyber radio waves and we have had many new shows & features heard nowhere else on earth produced at eastLArevue.com.

The fine sounds from the Southwest and Aztlan with the blend of Ritmo y Salsa, rare Oldies with a taste of Rhythm & Blues, and a favorite on the East LA Revue.com our musical contribution of Tejano Tex-Mex musica. We rolled like that until life got in the way with work, family tragedies and responsibilities; in some cases the love-bug crossed the paths of some in the crew. Our ranks changed, but we never compromised our consistent quality presentations of information and entertainment.

The culture of the music from the Land of 1000 Dances, the information about our local musicians and talent and any musical offerings by our successful and established musical leaders, and presentation of the Vinyl Classics is very important to the members of this web site. The vinyl presentations are intended to deliver quality sound from the original record disc formats almost lost to technology, but not forgotten here on the East LA Revue.com.

The sound quality from original, "first cut" Mono, High Fidelity, and Stereo vinyl record formats with the surface noise intact and the sound not condensed, as on a CD, is a sound worth listening to again and again. The songs contained on the albums are different than those found on the current offerings on CDs. "Greatest Hits" is an ambiguous scheme. You will discover new stuff from some of our favorite's rock stars from the days of 33.3 and 45 rpm records. The idea of no fast-forward or rewind, no cutting, editing, or condensing, no electronic "fake talent enhancing", and playing an original contemporary musical masterpiece in it's entirety without constant commercial jabbering is an exercise in patience and dedication long gone, and virtually non-existent.

Another reason for our push to keep it going is that we have a vast library in our music vaults and simply want to share the history and sound for the artistic education of all generations. We don't sell 95% our music we play, because we aren't out to make a fortune on somebody else's talent without permission or license to do so‘«™we simply want to offer the world exposure to music and artistic talent that would be otherwise lost to but a few fortunate souls who appreciate the significance of true talent versus the digital & visual manipulation of sound for commercial exploitation.

Consider this: long before the existence of recording, radio, records, tapes, MP3, and other electronic music saving devices‘«™say about 450 to 500 years ago or more, classical music was created and shared in Europe among a fortunate few as the epitome of artistic achievement of the then civilized world .

Classical music continues as a world wide phenomenon only because of those who chose to "keep it alive"‘«™hence, we at eastLArevue.com consider ourselves on a mission for posterity, and invite the World to join us as we bring you the music from the Land of 1000 Dances‘«™and ask for nothing but your time and listening enjoyment.

Frankie Firme and Crazy Chuy have returned to our programming line-up after a brief hiatus, and have new shows posted now. The Beto-Man and the "Lost Firme Memories Show" and Sapo's DVR Shows are new posts as well. From Chicano Hip Hop & Rap, Tejano favorites, Frankie Firme and the 1960s Tribute, or Gozando with Chico and the finest music and salsa on the planet, we invite you to check us out!

For the finest in contemporary art, literature, and the most comprehensive information of happenings and informed opinions in today's Brown world, check out www.LatinoLA, we' re always there!

I would like to tell you more about the DJs like Erik "Chico" Manqueros and his "Gozando with Chico" show with the sounds of Latin Jazz and Salsa and the sweet offerings of musical pan dulce, truly a world in itself, but hijole! I will save it for the next visit.

Please stop by to the East LA Revue.com and enjoy the music experience.

Josie & Ray Ramos, Howard "El Chino" Ng, Sapos Digital Vinyl Revolucion, Dona Pancha and the "Clean-up Show", La Sk8er, and La Traviesa, are the other DJs and hosts of their very own shows. We have a new DJ show from San Antonio, Texas coming soon and look forward to the Stars Above Texas. We are also looking for guest DJs and contributors from the New Mexico, Colorado, Northern California, Nevada, and Arizona area. Any groups, DJs, or entertainment businesses with the same passion and vision, contact Steven Chavez at the East LA Revue.com.

Thanks again, LatinoLA.com and music lovers.

About Steven Chavez:
Steven Chavez is the station manager at the internet radio station, an avid reader and contributing writer to LatinoLA, and President of Rampart Records in East LA. Pictured: Frankie Firme, Jesus & Juanita Hernandez, Steven Chavez in San Antonio, TX
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