Another Great Weekend in Aztlan

The heart of L.A. just keeps on pumping despite the economy, a war,wildfires, rising ticket prices, and the start of school

By Frankie Firme ~ Contributing Editor
Published on LatinoLA: September 12, 2009

Another Great Weekend in Aztlan

As expected, not everybody's sitting it out during these increasing hard times. Can't get by the times just watching them go by...so you gotta get out there and live, or you ain't living!

I mean, can anyone imagine telling their grandkids in 20 or 30 years when they ask "What did you do during the summer recession Labor Day weekend of 2009, grandpa?", and all you got to say is " I sat on my ass and watched football & baseball on TV, and text messaged & twittered away, waiting for the kids to go back to school..."...SOMEBODY, PLEASE!!

Not so in the Land of 1000 Dances. Door prices aren't costing the rent, and there's some decent good times out there to be had, Mi Gente! Take this past Labor Day weekend for example in the world of good looking Gente 40 and over...take notes, kids! :

The East L.A. Revue Internet Radio station was blasting Oldies but Goodies, Latin Soul, Tex-Mex, and classic Rock & Jazz all weekend long, 24 hours a day.

This past Friday, an old haunt on "the Boulevard" came back to life as East L.A.'s "Bad Boyz of Oldies" Cory Silva and Rocky Padilla returned to the former Montebello Inn on Whittier Boulevard, now re-christianed The Paloma Room, and brought in some new blood, a band called NEW VOICE from the Inland Empire.

Not well known (yet) or drawing a monster crowd (yet), Cory & Rocky still were able to bring in a decent sized crowd to catch the new guys, who gave up a pretty good performance with Rocky Padilla and brother Danny giving them some boom on percussion & vocals while introducing them to the East L.A. crowd...and not just anybody can get a introduction like that!

Music veteranos like Richard "Thee MR." Duran, and original Thee Midniters founding drummer GEORGE SALAZAR joined me on the floor enjoying a cold one and catching the new guys in their Whittier Boulevard debut. Rumor has it that George's new band THE 2nd TIME AROUND may be performing on the boulevard in the near future...let's see what Cory does next!

With a little more time and exposure, NEW VOICE, like the newly remodeled and renovated PALOMA ROOM, are going to be names to reckon with...all it takes is a little time, and a lot of heart!

Speaking of heart, the following Saturday, word on the street was that a couple of well known music veteranos would be re-joining the famed SATISFACTION Band for the night at the Norwalk Guesthouse, just a week after MALO flew into town at the Santa Fe Springs Swap Meet down the street, so I had to get down there before all the good seats were gone.

To the pleasant surprise of a packed house, vocalist EILEEN BENAVIDES and TIERRA bassist STEVE FALOMIR re-teamed up with SATISFACTION for the night, and an outstanding and lively performance that lit the night up till closing.

Hearing Eileen join the band was a pleasant surprise for me, as I had just caught SATISFACTION with their new vocalist, ANDREA GUERRERO, just 3 weeks before, so I had a good dose of Satisfaction that keeps me in awe at the luck this group has had in connecting with such great female vocal talent 3 times in a row that blends with one of the finer bands in the Land....just can't get enough !!

Then, the following night, like a glass of fine wine after a good meal, or icing on the cake, some other of L.A.'s "big boys" hit the stage as the ever popular SOTO band, with special guests the SUAVE band, brought out the Orange County Gente at Original Mike's in Santa Ana in big numbers for a "No work on Monday" bash that had 'em boogaloo-ing till past midnight.

...and that's just three of the many gigs & events that went on this past weekend that didn't cost an arm and a leg in the City of Angels...

Let me tell you, with movie ticket prices at $14.00, Dodger & Angel baseball tickets at $15.00 (with $15.00 parking & $12.00 beers)..why sit on your ass, when you can pay half that price and enjoy some fine live music & dancing?

About Frankie Firme ~ Contributing Editor:
Frankie Firme is the "Al Capone of the microphone & the Hitman of West Coast Chicano Soul"
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