Armando Molina Directs "Arivaca"

An incisive look at the issue of immigration presented by Company of Angels

Published on LatinoLA: September 15, 2009

Armando Molina Directs "Arivaca"

Armando Molina, co-artistic Director for Company of Angels, directs this September the nationally significant production of "Visitors Guide to Arivaca (Map Not to Scale) " written by Evangeline Ordaz and produced by Marlene Forte and Xavi Moreno for Company of Angels. The play runs September 11 through October 4th at the Alexandria Hotel, dowtown LA.

The Colombian native, Molina is most known for having co-founded Latins Anonymous, the critically acclaimed Latino Comedy Group, whose plays were published by Arte Publico Press and continue to be performed nationally.

Molina has positioned himself as an influencial voice in LA theater continually using the Performing Arts medium to bridge cultural stereotypes. With "Arrivaca" he once again shows his socially conscious side tackling the controversial political theme of Immigration - contentious issue which has for long been at the heart of heated political debates in Washington.

Since 1998, over 2,000 people have died crossing the U.S/Mexico border. The town of Arivaca, located in Southern Arizona's desert, might as well be the statistics ground zero. Attorney and playwright Evangeline Ordaz draws on interviews with ranchers, Tohono O'Odham tribal members, humanitarian workers, vigilantes and those who risk the perilous journey to create a fast paced, multi-dimensional look at immigration.

Molina recently took on a new role as co-artistic director of Company of Angels (CoA) (CoA), Los Angeles' oldest non-profit theater company co-founded in 1959 by actor Leonard Nimoy, the renowned star of Star Trek television.

With a collective of Actors, Directors, Playwrights, Designers, and Administrators, CoA forges ongoing and meaningful relationships with the residents of Los Angeles- a multi-cultural community looking beyond gender, ethnicity, race, and sexual orientation. CoA's educational wing called META (Mutual Education Theater Academy) has an ongoing relationships with the residents of Downtown LA with theater workshops , the students of Wilson High School creating plays that reflect their lives, and with the residents of Boyle Heights with a yearly community specific Posada.

As Los Angeles' oldest non profit theater, the Company of Angels is enjoying the unique opportunity to be part of a history older than its own. It is as well making its own history celebrating this year its 50th Anniversary - a milestone in the history of Los Angeles Theater - with a Charity Awards Gala slated for October 17 at the Alexandria Hotel (CoA's residence) honoring actors Leonard Nimoy, Robert Ellenstein and Culture Clash - www.companyofangels.org.

Molina is dedicated to creating theater that is deeply connected to its community. Theater in Los Angeles is largely disconnected from the vast majority of residents. This is especially lamentable given the ability of theater to create a shared experience, illuminate societal struggles, and provide a vehicle to express and discuss ideas. Molina via Company of Angels aims to share and help give voice to the many stories that exist in the LA and Latino community - to use theater/plays as a platform where ideas are shared and differences and similarities are celebrated.

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