Crystal City 1969

A play about a High School Walk out on December 9th 1969 and ushered in the Chicano Hipanic Civil Rights movement

By Mario Trevino
Published on LatinoLA: September 14, 2009

Crystal City 1969

"Crystal City 1969" is a play written by Raul Trevino and David Lozano. This play will be premiering at the Latino Cultural Center In Dallas, Texas on December 9th 2009. This will be the 40th anniversary of the walk out that took place in Crystal City, Texas, a small south Texas town located 120 miles south of San Antonio and 45 miles north of the Eagle Pass, Texas and Piedras Negras, Coahuila, Mexico border.

This walk out has great historical significance of the struggle of the Hispanics and Chicanos and their (our) civil rights. The Crystal City walk out has the great distinction of being the first successful walk out that took place in the US. The walk out is credited as the birthplace of the Bi-lingual and Bi-culural education in the US. It was also the birthplace of a successful 3rd political party, the (RUP) Raza Unida Party.

The play "Crystal City 1969" brings to life the struggles the Chicanos endured because of their race, color and their language. Although this play depicts what happened in a certain place ( Crystal City, Texas) at a certain time (December 1969), its the story of what all Chacanos and Hispanics were having to endure throughout the US. at the time.

I thank Raul Trevino and David Lozano who are the writers of this Historic event. They are great actors, Historians, and educators that are bringing a bit of our rich history to light. This is a history that bears repeating not only in plays but in our History Books, simply because it is our history! It is people like these young men that will finally make a change in our educational system. The History of the US is not all (Lily) white, it's brown, black, yellow and red. This play will bring a little bit of the brown history to our schools. The history needs to be rewritten to show that there were heroes that were brown like us. Heroes that will make our children proud of their heritage, their language, and their color.

Cara Mia Theatre Company is the group that is producing this Historic Masterpiece of a play. Their budget for this play alone is $50,000.00. They have been able to raise close to half that amount. If they can reach their goal of $50K, Cara Mia will be able to film the play to distribute to school districts throughout the US with educational curriculum to accompany it.

Cara Mia has a fund raising project that you can view on line once you access the website mentioned above. The project is a 22" X 28" limited edition "Artist Proof" poster of a tree that has a huge trunk that depicts 3 young leader. The Artist Proof also includes a Certificate of Authenticity. The tree has 125 small leaves and 25 large leave. If you choose to donate at least $1000.00 you can include your name or your company name with their weblink in one of the large leafs. At that level the donor also recieves 4 tickets to any of the play presentations that are not sold out, thier name or corporate name and weblink on the Cara Mia website at http://www.caramiatheatre.com. If a person or company donates at least $200 they get their name on one of the small leaves. All the persons or companies whose name is included in the poster will get a numbered limited edition signed "Artist Proof" poster and a Certificate of Authenticity also.

Help Cara Mia reach it's fundraising goal by contributing online via paypal or by mail at Cara Mia Theatre Co., P.O.Box 226144, Dallas, Texas 75222. Or you can contact us by phone to (214) 377-1111.

About Mario Trevino:
One of the three leaders of the Historic School walk out that took place in a small South Texas town (Crystal City, Texas)
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