Taking Care of Business, L.A. Style

The 1st Annual Phat Jam for the Arts at the Whittier Radisson Hotel to raise funds for L.A. Music and Art School, October 11

By Frankie Firme ~ Contributing Editor
Published on LatinoLA: September 23, 2009

Taking Care of Business, L.A. Style

In these times of a difficult economy, it seems the young and the politically unconnected are the first to fall victims of the governmental budget axe.

First to go, it seems, are programs that enhance our children's first exposure to the real world outside of the security of home ... namely education and art .

Our society, our culture, our World, has evolved into a civilization that has used history and lessons learned as the backbone and foundation of that civilization taking us all into the future‘«™the young of today are the leaders of tomorrow, and beneficiaries of all that we have to offer from civilization.

But, like the aging water and street infrastructure of Los Angeles, if that civilization is not maintained by the keepers of that history, it will begin to crumble.

One of the best keepers of history and culture is the Arts. Songs, poems, paintings, storybooks, music, musical instruments, and now audio technology, does not grow on trees and does not fall from the sky‘«™it was developed by human beings‘«™artists‘«™who keep art alive‘«™and the art lives on even after the artist has left this world. History has shown that, and it's a precious heirloom we pass on to our children.

That being said, it gives us more than a great pleasure to announce that the Los Angeles Music and Art School, along with L.A.'s Jaramillo Entertainment Group, are putting forth an effort to help raise funds for the noble cause of providing exposure & education of the arts to our future generation‘«™void of ANY government cutbacks or political involvement.

The 1st Annual PHAT JAM for the ARTS will take place at the famous Whittier Radisson Hotel's Club 201 and Ballroom on Sunday, October 11th, as one of the finest assemblage of talent donates their time and talent to entertain in support the arts.

Co-producers of this event, Mr. Peter Jaramillo of the Jaramillo Entertainment Group, and Ms. Isela Sotelo, Executive Director of the Los Angeles Music and Art School took time out of their hectic schedules to talk with LatinoLA:

Isela Sotelo, a former student of the school, has been Executive Director for the past 12 years. She says she has "one of the most wonderful jobs in the World", and sees the same desire in her students that she has in herself.

"I see myself in a lot of my students. They come from all walks of life, and have a desire to excel in life, as well as in music, art, drama, and dancing," Isela says. "Some have even returned as teachers themselves. To share, enjoy, teach, and live the arts is a most rewarding life experience, and I invite everyone to visit us at www.LAMusart.org or visit us in person at 3630 E. Third Street, East Los Angeles, California, 90063

"We at the school all have an overwhelming sense of pride when we see some of our students and former students in movies, in TV commercials, performing on stage, being involved backstage and in production. Recently, one of our former students was a fourth runner up on TV's American Idol.

"It is for these inspiring reasons that we do what we do, and encourage all parents to expose their children to the arts and encourage creativity, as a way of enhancing and enriching their lives for success, as well as the betterment of our communities. Through mutual friends and connections in the L.A. entertainment field, I was able to contact and hook up with Peter Jaramillo, and we were able to put together this wonderful show that I hope all will attend and support."

Peter Jaramillo, a veteran musician, former corporate executive, and now successful talent and entertainment manager at L.A.'s popular and well known Whittier Radisson Hotel's Club 201 & Ballroom is also a former student. "I felt very complimented that the L.A. School of Music and Art would contact me and ask for my help. I didn't hesitate when asked, and I was able to contact some of L.A.'s top talent to become involved.

"It means a lot to me to be able to give back to a school that taught me so much about life. Three years ago, as a busy and successful corporate executive moonlighting as a drummer in a busy band on weekends, I suffered a near fatal heart attack. I needed to cut back on my life's stress, and decided to leave the corporate rat race and invest my life back into music, one of my life's pleasures. In less than three years, I have been involved in helping make the Whittier Radisson Hotel into one of L.A.'s hotspots, and met so many talented artists that I can't count my blessings‘«™so I'm sharing the biggest one and helping co-produce this great show that will benefit so many kids, while entertaining so many music loving adults," Peter proudly tells LatinoLA.

"None of these guys are making a dime! Not the staff, sound and lighting technicians, artists, planning committees, and that's what makes this event so great and from the heart!"

From my point of view, being that most Chicano artists on the West Coast were totally dissed and left out of the recent ALMA and LATIN GRAMMY AWARDS consideration (brother George Lopez notwithstanding) I feel we should show the World that we're not insignificant, we DO matter, and we CAN take of business by helping our community put forth a first class music and art opportunity by joining together and supporting this most noble cause, happening in three rooms simultaneously at the luxurious Whittier Radisson Hotel.

~ Chino Espinosa y Los Duenos del Son
~ Johnny Polanco y su Conjunto Amistad
~ Son Mayor Orquesta
~ the Lucky 7 Orquesta
~ Josie Neglia's Latin Dance Company

CLUB 201 A
~ Thee SUAVE Band
~ the HINDSIGHT Band
~ Louie Parra & the MAD LATINS Band

Some of the top stand up comedians in the Country
~ Gilbert Esquivel
~ Joey Medina
~ Ernie G
~ RC Miller
~ Tymon Shipp

CLUB 201 B
L.A.'s top Club DJ's come together and "blow the roof off the mutha" with friendly competition designed to give the audience the best in Disco, Old School, Hip~Hop, Latin Soul & freestyle, Reggeaton, Club, and mash-ups, with monster world class atmosphere, sound, & ambience provided by TIME Sounds & Lighting.

Award winning actress Kikey Castillo will be your host and master of Ceremonies, and ABC Channel 7 Eyewitness News Reporter Sid Garcia will be honored for his community support and involvement.

The Los Angeles School of Music and Art has existed for over 64 years on private support and NO tax money. Struggling and surviving for our kids and our future, they provide a most significant and well needed service to our community.

Sponsors and support are needed, and we ask you all to spread the word and step out to the PHAT JAM for the ARTS on October 11th.

For tickets & info: www.JEGRP.com and www.LAMusart.org.

About Frankie Firme ~ Contributing Editor:
Frankie Firme is the "Al Capone of the microphone, and the Hitman of west Coast Chicano Soul"
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