Fresh DJ Programming, Everyday - Part 2

Internet radio features Chicano music y cultura world-wide 24/7

By Steven Chavez
Published on LatinoLA: September 28, 2009

Fresh DJ Programming, Everyday - Part 2

?íOrale! This is Steven Chavez, station manager and sound technician at the East LA Revue.com Internet Radio studios.

I am here to continue from the previous story with "Fresh DJ Programming, Everyday, part 2" about the internet radio.

I wrote of our organizing and growth years at the e-revue station and our developing friendship and business partnerships with others who share the same passion for music and culture in part 1 of this story.

A couple of those entities are LatinoLA.com with Abelardo and Linda de la Pe??a. Hector Gonzalez was there to consult and add local historical facts and historical musical property to our convenience. Others helped us as well, namely the talent and crew that we presently have on board at the internet radio station.

The power and phenomenon that is the internet and the ability to not be restricted to the local and regional boundaries is a new tool for our use and use it we did. I ran into many negatives in the developing stages and people scratching their heads and saying to me "Steve, do you think people will go to the internet and listen to us?"

"Is the world going to enjoy the cultura and musica?"

Well, my answer was a big Yes, I believe it! I can feel it in my bones (but later found out that was arthritis). With that we started to organize and produce lasting musical shows and offerings to a world wide audience and I was initially correct but not completely satisfied. I knew that the world would embrace our cultural offerings from Aztlan but I was concerned with the developmental production and the need for a lasting presentation.

We had to organize and present our musical offerings in an interesting way, without giving up any quality in sight or in sound. We had to work together, we had to help each other develop, and we had to satisfy our initial goals and all at the same time within our budget.

I know some of you are LOL (laughing out loud) at that because it takes more than an effort. It takes patience and a prayer (a thick skin comes in handy as well). We had the usual suspects trying to derail the project. There are a lot of Chicano crabs out there but I want to stay on the sunny side of the street for now.

There were some with negative vibes and some with no idea what I was trying to accomplish. I thought that some of uncertainty was the results of my own doings and I needed to organize and present my ideas in a clearer and more concise manner. It sounds easier that it is but it is very important to organize and plan before making that first move.

I thought to ask for input and reflection on this venture from others. I read some of the literary offerings on this web site. I went and spoke with those people, opinions I respect. There are many that will give you their opinion but only a few with that are worthy or applicable. I thank our staff and DJs for your effort and input at that stage, I knew we have a good core.

I would like to recognize and thank Irma and John Gonzalez, Tony Garcia, Steve Segura, James Tervit, Abelardo de la Pena Jr., and Hector Gonzalez for the inspiration and guidance that was offered. As I said, I knew we had a good team and the inspiration from our DJs was a driving force. Their work involved in the research and production of the internet radio shows was our engine. It is what moved us forward. This is where I left off on the previous "part 1" of this story. I would like to talk about our featured and guest DJs on our internet radio programming.

I had previously written that we initially started with two DJs and some special features and vintage recorded programs. Frankie Firme and Crazy Chuy carried the show in the early weeks. I assisted with the station managing and sound recording & mixing. It was then that our web master, Alfred Alva put us in touch with Erik "Chico" Manqueros.

Erik is a seasoned radio DJ with experience and many successful shows on regular AM/FM radio. I heard Chico on the previously popular KPFK radio programs from Pasadena City College, California on Sunday evenings. We met and talked.

Chico is very knowledgeable about Latin Jazz and Salsa music and history. He is a percussionist and has performed on stage in the Los Angeles and San Jose, California areas with many bands including Prime Time. He has an extensive vinyl LP library and is an avid record collector. This is great, I thought. He has contacts with many musicians from his working experience with his Dad, Robert Manqueros, and from the many interviews and reviews Erik has done while working in the entertainment business.

He said that he wanted to feature the music of the many local musicians and bands. He enjoyed Latin Jazz and Salsa and that was his forte.

Great, that is what we want and need!

Well, Erik then says to me, "I have my co-producer Howard Ng with me. They call him El Chino." I had met Howard at the Buena Vision cable TV station in East Los Angeles and recognized that Howard has a great love for music. So, Erik joined the East LA Revue.com line-up in January 2007 and brought a wealth of music and experience with him.

Erik's style is suave and groovy. His unlimited serving of musical pan dulce is a favorite click for many visitors to the web site. Howard and Terri Manqueros co-produce the "Gozando with Chico" show and each with their own segment and show. Chico has been producing the Gozando with Chico show for many successful years now. We are very fortunate to have him with us here on internet radio. The music lovers of the world, in particular are the Salsa and Latin jazz fans have the convenience of listening to well-produced shows in high quality sound with a wealth of information about the musicians and songs at any time on the internet - 24/7.

Chico is responsible for helping to develop and feature a show that we call the Vinyl Classics. His contributions from his personal collection of vinyl records and the collective experience in the radio business and the knowledge of the recordings and songs are a few reasons that the listeners enjoy the Vinyl Classics feature.

Through Chico's friendship with East Coast recording artist Joe Bataan, the East LA Revue.com with the sponsorship and support of Bene Najar Associates and Peter Jaramillo presented a concert and show in October 2007 in Whittier, CA. Billed as "A Musical Evening with Joe Bataan" the sold-out concert featured the King of Latin Oldies Joe Bataan with and the back-up orchestra, The Kool Katz with Rocky Padilla and Ray Poncin.

Chico's work has also inspired Howard "El Chino" Ng to start his own radio segment and El Chino calls it "The Great American Song Book" with a collection of Jazz, Big Band, and pop classic instrumentals and vocals by the men and women of song. Presently on the "Gozando with Chico" show on the East LA Revue.com, Erik is hosting a special tribute show for our recently departed musical brother, Isaac Avila. It is full of information about Isaac's career with previous recordings with some unreleased material. You will enjoy it. A special thanks to Chico, Sal Rodriquez, and Joey Vasquez for the music and contribution to the Memorial Tribute to Isaac Avila.

More on our DJs: Frankie Firme, Crazy Chuy, Roberto "The Beto-Man" Tijerina, Dona Pancha, La SK8er, Traviesa, El Sapo Revolucion, Josie & Ray Ramos, and of course Chico and El Chino Ng on the next literary offerings as part 3 to this story. We also have a new show coming very soon called "Stars Above Texas" and features all Latin Lady Entertainers and it is produced in San Antonio, Texas by Saul Barbosa.

Lastly, I want to mention the guest DJ segments of the past and extend an invitation to any and all artists/DJs who may be interested in showcasing local talents and DJ grooves on the East LA Revue.com. We enjoy the local music talent, bands, and artists here in the West Coast North America and are interested in your culture and musical offerings.

Please contact me by way of this story or LatinoLA.com. Previously, we have enjoyed the DJ from El Paso, Texas and the "Border Style Oldies Show" with Osvaldo Velez. We also had the "Tex-Mex Oldies Show" with DJ Pancho el Sancho bringing us music from San Antonio's West Side, We had the entertainer and singer (and DJ) Rocky Padilla, Beto Hernandez, Alex Morales, Mister OG, and a few others.

They brought us quality entertainment, good information, interesting interviews, and some great musical mixes. I thank them for sharing the talent and love with our listeners.

Thank you and please drop us a line with any suggestions, requests, or dedication.


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Steven is thankful for this life and ask for God's blessings to all those who pray.
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