Another End of the Summer Story

Things still be happening in L.A. and on the West Coast

By Frankie Firme ~ Contributing Editor
Published on LatinoLA: October 5, 2009

Another End of the Summer Story

Ok, things be happening that can either make one mad, or glad, or get to head-scratching...but some decent communicating is getting off the ground, watcha:

Despite our World's attempt to be politically correct in respect of other people, it still seems that the rich and privileged get their way nonetheless.

In big league sports, a 77-year old symbol of detrimental conduct, namely racism, continues to be allowed , and NOBODY seems to mind except the affected party, who have been told basically to "shut up and deal with it"‘«™

Akin to the n-word that insults African Americans, or the "illegal alien" jacket now being thrown around Latinos as a blanket of suspicion and mistrust, or the "terrorist" label to most middle easterners, the term "Redskins" is an affront to Native Americans . Yet, when a Native American civil rights group charged a major sports venue ( he Washington Redskins) with using this term to perpetuate insult for profit, a court ruling denied that charge on a technicality, and not a lot of people are bothered by that‘«™but an appeal is in the works‘«™FINALLY !

I always wondered why there were never any teams named the "Rednecks", or "the Crackers", or the "Honkies" when there were the "Redskins", the "Indians", and the "Aztecs"‘«™oh well‘«™I guess you gotta have a lot of money tied up in merchandising to invest in a technicality‘«™.and be a big sports fan. (Ha! How about the Golden State Gabachos?)

...Like the old WAR song asks: " Why can't we be friends?...."

In another story, The California State Athletic Commission, which is supposed to regulate and enforce fairness (and collect fees) in the multi-billion dollar California sports world, was recently busted for giving employees and their friends and family free tickets to high priced fights and other big ticket events‘«™..even Governor Schwarzeneggar and his son scored on some free VIP tix during the Margarito-Mosley Championship fight‘«™.what's left for us "regular guys?"‘«™where do we get in line for the freebies?

Ahhhh‘«™.let's not sweat the small stuff...but on the good side, in L.A., the Dodgers AND the Angels have both made it into the playoffs, and L.A. Gente are scratching their heads and admiring a youngster by the name of Mark Sanchez, new quarterback for the New York Jets.

Another head scratcher‘«™is it any wonder with this economy that U.S. TV sports viewers now number in the multi-millions ? Why that is surprising television "experts" makes me laugh‘«™how do them guys get those gravy jobs?

Anyways, no shortage of entertainment and laughs in L.A., that's for sure !

The PHAT JAM for the ARTS Concert happens this Sunday, October 11th at the Whittier Radisson Club 201 and Grand Ballroom with live "name" bands, dancing, top comedians, food, some of L.A.'s top club DJ's, more dancing, and all to serve a great and noble cause , and we humbly ask for your support in the name of supporting the Los Angeles School for Music & Art, and the arts for our children. For more info: www.jegrp.com or www.lamusart.org ‘«™and THANK YOU !

The BLUES STRAIGHT UP band gave it their all last weekend at the famed Taste of Texas Restaurant in Covina . As expected, the hot, spicy, and tasty vocals of Lady Lava Gonzalez and Dave "Harpdog" Pierce made it an enjoyable blues experience (not to mention some VERY tasty tacos!), and they are due to return on October 10th to Nick's taste of Texas, then October 24th at the Roast House in Santa Clarita. The Finest Chicano Blues band on the Planet are worth the trip, I assure you! For more info: www.bluesstraightup.com.

Last week's "TOP 10‘«™" piece here on LatinoLA.com by brother Al Carlos Hernandez drew a lot of comments, chismes , and support, both publicly and privately regarding the "diss" on Chicanos by the ALMA & LATIN GRAMMY Awards shows. Check it out and leave YOUR opinion! TOP 10 Reasons the ALMA and Latin Grammys Exclude Chicano Bands

Rumors have it that some southern and east coast "Hispanic" money and interests have smelled the tacos, and something positive may yet come of this‘«™for the benefit of all our "tribes"‘«™(hope that didn't offend anybody)‘«™a ver‘«™.

As expected, Pepe Marquez and Anthony Prieto "wowed" them over the weekend with their great bands, along with other great performers at the three-day Avocado Festival held up in Carpinteria . Beautiful weather, lot's of beautiful people, great food, and great music on a beautiful weekend in Califas!...too bad summer's gotta end‘«™.

October also brings on Halloween and Dia de los Muertos celebrations and cultural events. Check out our calendar page, and www.tiachucha.com for some fine events near you, or make something happen for our kids and a memory!

LatinoLA wishes to send our Califas homie, Mr. Rolando Sanchez, the man who brought Salsa & Latin music to the beautiful Hawaiian Islands for all to enjoy, a most happy birthday wish this week!

Along with some of the top comedians in the Country, L.A.'s famed big band, THE WISEGUYS, join Rudy Moreno at the Commerce Casino on Friday, October 16th for another great "Friday night under the stars" party. For more info: www.commercecasino.com.

Frankie Firme will be spinnin' & mixin' the jams at two great car show events in the San Fernando Valley. On November 1st, Frankie joins up with the City of Canoga Park for the Dia De Los Muertos celebration in downtown Canoga Park on Sherman Way, then, on November 7th, he joins the famed PACHUCOS Car Club & SFV Marine Corps League, along with the BAG OF TRICKS band, the STACK OF 45's band, Bobby Arias and others at the San Fernando Veterans Day Parade Committee's Car Show, Concert, and Carnival event, dedicated to Alfred Flores Jr., at Richie Valens Park in Pacoima. Parking & admission to both events are FREE!

The following Wednesday, November 11th, the San Fernando Veteran's Day Parade takes place along Laurel Canyon Blvd ~ honoring all our U.S. Veterans ~ and the whole World is invited!

Lot's of good stuff happening in and around L.A. ~ check out our calendar page, and add your event as well !

And check out the best Internet music on eastLArevue.com, djchentemrog.com, chicanoexpress.com, and rockinradio.com ~ why sit in silence?

Get off the porch and live! If others see you...they just might join you !

?ŪHappy Halloween y Dia De Los Muertos !

About Frankie Firme ~ Contributing Editor:
Frankie Firme is heard daily on Internet radio ~ playing the best Chicano jams around!
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