Double Dipping ....Double Rip Off

Al Capone or Ponzi would be proud.

By Alberto Marrero Salas
Published on LatinoLA: October 11, 2009

Double Dipping ....Double Rip Off

Talking to a young relative who was asking me about career choices I almost made the mistake of telling her to go into the private sector.

I had forgotten that the average federal employee makes $75,000 a year vs. $39.000 in the private sector. Is a federal employee 80% better that an employee in the private sector?

Ask yourself whom do you get better service from, a Wal-Mart associate or the person on the other side of the window at a Social Security office?

They also retire after 25 years of service with about 75% of their highest salary as a pension.

I'd forgotten that the CALPERS, the State employee union pension along with the Teacher's union pension had lost $100 billion dollars due to losses in the stock market and real estate over the last two years.

But don't cry for them Californians, we the taxpayers have to make it all up.

How has your 401K done the last two years? Is anyone making up your losses?

With people living longer, retirement age for Social Security is now 65 and there is talk about it going to 70. This makes sense as many people are now living into their 70's 80's and 90's.

Now, that's what we get, 65 or maybe in the future 70.

What do state employees get? They get to retire at age 55 or if in public safety (including meter maids and office personnel), the age is 50.

If you work while receiving social security payments those payments are either REDUCED or WITHHELD completely. That's what you and I get.

What do the state employees get?

They get to double dip. In an excellent article in the L.A. Times on Friday the 9th of October (not a bastion of libertarian journalism) by Patrick McGreevy titled "A Sweet Deal for State Retirees" he exposes the practice of double dipping.

These are employees that retired some at age 50, others at 55, who are now working in other state jobs.

McGreevy points out John Benoit a Republican state senator from Palm Springs an ex highway patrolman who collects $98,000 a year from his pension plus his salary of $116,000 and $35.000 per diem (expenses) as a lawmaker.

David Turner after his retirement in 2004 as a state fire chief went back to work and is now collecting $66,000 a year in salary plus and additional pension of $105,000.

Paul Anderson a psychiatrist who retired in 2007 is now collecting a salary of $104,000 plus a pension of $117,000 a year.

McGreevy goes on to say that there are over 5,600 double dippers which has risen by 57% over the last ten years.

Over $3.3 billion dollars came out of the State budget in this fiscal year alone to cover pension expenses.

Can you earn a six figure salary and collect you social security benefits. NO. But state employees can.

Republican Assemblyman Danny Gilmore draws a salary of $110,000 plus a pension of $106,000. Democratic Assemblyman Tom Ammiano who recently told the Governator Ahnold to "Kiss his faggot ass", draws $116,000 a year plus a pension of $75,000.

The king Assemblyman Joe Coto, a Democrat from San Jose, earns $116,000 plus $178,000 in pension money. Coto is a former school superintendent. How well are California Public Schools doing?

All of the mentioned Assemblymen also receive and additional $35,000 to cover expenses (per diem) and the use of a state paid car plus a budget for assistants.

To add insult to injur,y the Metropolitan Water District is going to pass a "pension enhancement" after raising your rates by 31%. Their pensions will be "enhanced" by 26%. Is your pension or 401K getting a 26% guaranteed enhancement? I doubt it.

California has lost 800,000 jobs. The State has hired over 4,000 new employees. We get fired they get hired.

Who is going to change this? The legislature (which has within its own membership double dippers) who are bought an paid for by the state employees unions?
Watch this: YouTube video

As these pensions and double dipping are not sustainable. Remember next time they bring out the poor, the ill, the aged, the children and they ask for a tax increase or the elimination of Prop. 13...say NO. NO MAS . NADA.

Tell State Senator Alex Padilla where he can stick his soda tax.

The poor, the aged, the children are all props for their avarice for tax money.

In the end California will have to file for bankruptcy. At that time, all of the union contracts and pensions will be renegotiated.

State employees unions are the largest contributors to the politicians in Sacramento.

When the next election comes vote for anyone but the incumbent whether Republican or Democrat. Vote for Bozo the Clown or write in Pancho Villa. We have to get these prostituted bastards out of office.

About Alberto Marrero Salas:
Worked on Wall Street with Merril and Pru-Bache during the 70's and 80's when greed was good , Men were men and the sheep were nervous.
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