A Hilarious Story of Heartbreak

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By Jo Ann Hern?índez
Published on LatinoLA: November 14, 2009

A Hilarious Story of Heartbreak

The Heartbreak Pill: A Novel by Anjanette Delgado, Simon & Schuster Atria Books, ISBN: 1-7432-9753-9

Erika Luna is a thirty-something scientist living and working in Miami. When her husband of seven years; the very successful, very smart, very good-looking, founding partner of one of Miami's most successful Public Relations firms falls in lust with another woman, their marriage spirals to hell and Erika's practical nature leads her down the strangest of paths.
What's a scientist to do when slapped with pain so deep it interferes with breathing? Try to cure it, of course! This is the premise of Emmy award-winning writer and producer Anjanette Delgado's delightfully funny and touchingly poignant debut novel, THE HEARTBREAK PILL (Atria Books; $14.00; April 2008).

Imagine what your life would be like if you had a switch, an interrupter of sorts, located somewhere in an unobtrusive part of your body, let's say on your calf, like a tattoo. See yourself pressing this lever, pin, or button, and being able to control the most uncontrollable part of your body: your heart. You wouldn't suffer over what isn't good for you. You wouldn't cry for what cannot be. You'd just live. You'd be happy.

This is exactly what Erika Luna dreams of after her ??ber successful and sexy husband Martin leaves her for one of his assistants. Sure, she has a strong support group: her perpetually optimistic gay father and his ultra feminist live-in lover, her dramatic best friend Lola, a non-profit theater organizer obsessed with surrounding herself--and Erika--with positive energy, and her recently hired divorce lawyer who also considers herself a spiritual advisor. But it seems that ever since her Humpty Dumpty of a heart had fallen off the wall and turned into a spackled eggshell wall treatment straight out of a Martha Stewart magazine, she is incapable of a logical, methodical, or scientific decision, much less an intelligent one. Erika just wants to be well, sane, and happy again. Immediately.

She's a woman of science, a researcher; a woman of arguments, facts, and reason. So how can she allow heartbreak to turn her into a raving lunatic? She promises herself that she will come up with a plan--a pill--that will end heartbreak forever. She's determined to be the absolute leader of humiliated wives and broken hearts the world over.

And with that vow, Erika begins a journey of healing and self-discovery. When Martin left her, she was forced to say good-bye to the life she'd always been afraid of losing and quiet the doubts of her heart. But perhaps, time does heal all wounds, and with the help of her motley crew of a "family"--which now includes a dashing neighbor who works as a director at a domestic violence shelter, she learns to view herself as a person of worth, a woman who has talent, and a woman who must trust herself to love again. And in the end, she realizes that she can't eliminate love's pain--because through it we learn to grow as people.

Hip, smart, and utterly significant in today's world of Match.com and E-Harmony, THE HEARTBREAK PILL by Anjanette Delgado will make readers laugh (at some of their past actions done in the name of love), and feel hope that love is out there--and that they don't have to sacrifice themselves to find it.

Author's Bio: Executive Producer/Writer: Anjanette Delgado.

Anjanette Delgado is a highly experienced and accomplished, Emmy Award-winning TV producer with 20 years of experience producing, designing and writing content and content strategy. She began her career as a journalist, covering presidential coups, elections, 1991 Gulf War, the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, the 9/11 terrorist attacks and the present war with Iraq, which she executive produced for Telemundo in 2003.

She has written for Urban Latino, TV M?ís and the International Documentary Association magazine, written and produced lifestyle programs and documentaries for MGM Latin America. She has executive-produced, created original formats and/or launched significant projects for CNN, NBC, Telemundo, HBO Latin America, and the United Nations. Anjanette has applied her expertise to creating community-driven and empowering broadcast, print and event-based efforts for Latinos in the US.

Prior to joining Grupo Prisa's Plural Entertainment as Director of Strategic Content, Anjanette created, launched and implemented the social content and strategic marketing department of Community Connections at Telemundo, winning the first ever Sentinel for Health Awards ever given to a Spanish-language network or station for her campaigns on Breast Cancer and Diabetes.

Anjanette has now added one more communications challenge to her breadth of experience by publishing her first novel. "The Heartbreak Pill" was published in 2008 by Simon & Schuster.

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