Emergency Call!

The nightmare of domestic abuse

By Anonymous
Published on LatinoLA: March 2, 2003

Emergency Call!

Emergency room visit for me, please!
I cannot cope; I cannot bear it.
When my breath stops my heart from pumping,it swells,
and I ache;
my throat clogs, but my eyes overflow.
And they refuse to cease their flooding
when I am shocked and frightened.
My insides tremble, and my skin grows pale.
I shake and I fidget.

Please stop me!
Please make him stop!
Please make this stop!

Once and for all, break that mirror over my face.
What I don't see can't hurt....too much.
Once and for all wring my neck so this scream doesn't deafen you--
all you'll see are my tears.
Crush every one of my bones--
maybe I'll manage to disgust you....less.

You've amputated what made me feel like a woman.
I have no children to bear;
I have no milk in my breasts;
I have no husband to call me his lovely wife.

I'm not human anymore.
I plead on my knees for mercy.
I fear the hand;
I fear the fist--
a frightened animal looking for the closest hiding place.
Recognizing its defeat,
it surrenders and succumbs to the master's rage.

..........This is an emergency; please don't hang up on me!!!

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