News from the Brown Side of Town Part II

Chismes & music news happenings from the Land of 1000 Dances

By Frankie Firme ~ Contributing Editor
Published on LatinoLA: November 17, 2009

News from the Brown Side of Town Part II

Boo~ya! It 's been a great month of November so far, and much more is coming! Let us all celebrate, dance, and laugh at life together as 2009 begins to come to a close !

First & foremost, bust out the chicharrones y champagne, and raise a toast to Robert Lovato and all the great Gente at www.Presente.org for all their wonderful grass roots connecting and networking with Brown people across the Country that finally convinced major international TV network CNN to have that puto racist Lou Dobbs take a walk‘«™hope Rush Limbaugh took notes on this one, 'cause them old days are over ! Give us some love, Rush!

...Thanks Robert!

About 85% of the Latino population in Los Angeles and on the West Coast missed watching the Latin Grammys on Spanish language television recently‘«™probably because 85% of the Latino population from Los Angeles and the West Coast were either under or non-represented in the talent featured. Like all the major TV networks across America‘«™we got it! (who were them guys, anyway?)‘«™a ver for next year‘«™

The recent U.S. Marine Corps Birthday and Veteran's Day celebrations across the country were very well appreciated by a couple million U.S. Military Veterans across the USA who served our Country honorably. Not to be confused with Memorial Day, this is not a holiday to honor our dead, but to honor the living. Celebrations, dedications, and parades honor those who wore the uniform, and this day lets them know they are appreciated, and honors their families for their sacrifice. Thanks, guys!

‘«™but trip on this:
Wikipedia.org, one of the largest on line encyclopedias in the World offers this definition of a candle light vigil: " A candle light vigil is an outdoor assembly of people carrying candles after sunset. Such events are typically held to either protest the suffering of some marginalized group of people, or in memory of lives lost to disease, disaster, massacre, or tragedy. Such vigils may also have a religious or spiritual purpose"‘«™.

~ What connection a candle light vigil has to do with Veteran's Day celebration is not appropriate, honorable, or even respectful, for it shows a lack of confidence and a disregard for our present living veterans and those now serving around the World‘«™

‘«™so can somebody please explain to me why L.A. City Councilman Tony Cardenas from the San Fernando Valley keeps having those lame candle light vigils every year on Veteran's Day and NOT on Memorial Day? Somebody besides me should be calling this vato's office and asking him to quit the cheap political publicity movidas on this one and get his holidays straight‘«™as a Veteran, I don't appreciate it‘«™.c'mon, Tony, a little respect here, Carnal‘«™.

Also‘«™.when and why did Sammy Sosa get so light skinned? That dude needs to get out into the sun more often!

And why is Sarah Palin crying about pictures she posed for being publicized as "sexist" ? She posed for them voluntarily, knew they would get her the attention & support of dirty old white men that run the GOP when she ran for Vice President‘«™.and NOW she wants to be viewed as clean & pure? ‘«™C'mon, girl!...you knew we were all looking, and the pictures aren't THAT bad !

Oh well‘«™.se vale‘«™Orale, on with the musica, watcha:

The first Annual pre-Veteran's Day Concert, Car Show, and Carnival at Richie Valens Park in the San Fernando Valley went off like a dream for over 4,000 people on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, as the BAG OF TRICKS, STACK of 45's, and BLUE SKY bands gave off some heavy performances and the PACHUCO Car Club welcomed rides from all over Southern California. William "Blinky" Rodriguez gave us a beautiful invocation, and Bobby Arias & Frankie Firme served as co-hosts. What a firme party! Let's do it again next year!

The 6th Annual Veteran's Day Parade in the San Fernando Valley drew over 10,000 people , and the East L.A.~ Eugene Obregon Marine Corps League Detachment held a very impressive and emotional flag ceremony to mark the 234th Marine Corps Birthday.
‘«™nothing but love for our guys & gals!

As expected, the Whittier Radisson Hotel Club 201 has been rockin' and a rollin' with their very successful retro-disco nights, drawing some big crowds. But if that ain't enough, SOTO, DOWN with 3, HINDSITE, the REEL Band, and the ever popular COMPANY Band have come to town to rock your world. The parties just don't ever get boring, the popular BEATLES tribute show is coming, and you may be surprised who you run into! For info on future shows: www.jegrp.com

New true rumor on the street: DJ Frankie Firme will be starting a 4th Internet Radio Show on the Q-VO Radio station this month, joining the "Between the sheets show" line up on www.QVORadio.com ‘«™can there ever be enough great music in your life ?

Coming off some killer performances in the Santa Clarita and San Gabriel Valleys recently, BLUES STRAIGHT UP, the finest Chicano blues band on the planet, featuring Lady Lava Gonzalez, takes their brand of L.A. blues to the Inland Empire for a children's Christmas benefit on November 28th at the Godfather's in Chino. Also performing will be Mighty Mojo Prophets, and Blues DJ Art Martell. Admission is $5.00 or an unwrapped toy. For more info, call : 909-627-8080 or log onto www.bluesstraightup.com.

The one & only CARLOS SANTANA comes to the Las Vegas Hard Rock Hotel & Casino November 22nd thru February 21st with his "Trip through the hits" show. For tickets: www.ticketmaster.com.

November 24th is Tejano~Chicano singing star Johnny Hernandez's birthday‘«™ and we all wish the brother well! ‘«™and like me, he's turning 39 again! Orale, Johnny, thanks for the music and the memories !

If you don't ( or can't) make the trip to Vegas for that good old stuff, then the TRUE MEMORIES Car Club & the LOST MEMORIES internet radio station invite you to the A MI HACIENDA Restaurant & Ballroom in Pico Rivera on Sunday, November 29th for an Oldies but Goodies & Exclusive Classic Car Show featuring the live sounds on stage of THE TEMPTATIONS, The 4 TOPS, The SUPREMES, Opening the show will be the BIG MANNY band. Featuring Internet radio's DJ Chente/Mr. O.G. "The heartbreaker & dedication taker" spinning the tunes between the breaks & keeping the dance floor full. Hosted by M.C. Pachuco Greg & Ms Lady Luck . Show starts at 12 noon. For tickets & info, call Gato at (323) 491-3404 or Angelica at 562-639-5774.

The SATISFACTION band recently rocked the "Memories of Compton" Reunion dance last weekend with a fine performance that brought out the romancing in us old guys. SATISFACTION returns to the popular Norwalk Guest House this Friday for more great music & dancing action. For more info: www.Satisfactionband.com.

The big story of the month is all about the wonderful and warm evening of love shared by the L.A. Chicano music community in tribute to our lost brother, Mr. Pete Perez of the NATION OF AZTLAN music group, at the Paloma Room in Montebello. I haven't seen the former Montebello Inn packed and standing room only in years, but the VERY large crowd was not only treated to a cleanly renovated and updated venue, but some of the finest talent Aztlan has to offer. The ROCKY PADILLA FAMILY Band, The COMPANY Band, the GREG ESPARZA Band, THEE MIDNITERS, EL CHICANO, THEE RHYTHM KINGS Band , CORY SILVA, PONCHO SANCHEZ, VICTOR PANTOJA, BERTHA OROPEZA, SOTO, SAL RODRIGUEZ, THE NATION OF AZTLAN, NEW VOICE,THEE Mr. DURAN, sound by SOUVENIR ENTERTAINMENT ‘«™.the list goes on, and I apologize to anyone I left out, but there was so much and talent in the house it was overwhelming. The Gente came together to pay tribute, and gave more than love to the family of brother Pete Perez, and it will be sometime before you see that level of talent assembled again! One of the highlights of the night was an impromptu conga battle between Poncho Sanchez & Victor Pantoja that brought the dance floor to a standstill‘«™what a moment in time!

Big thanks to organizers Rocky Padilla & Cory Silva, and all the talent that gave up the love!...and word on the street is, things will again be happening & jumping at the Paloma Room on Whittier Boulevard in Montebello once again as Rocky Padilla starts off the winter concert series. For more info: cory_silva@yahoo.com.

Orale, Mi Gente, that's it for this month. We here at LatinoLA wish you all a safe and bountiful Thanksgiving‘«™and despite this economy and our 2 wars overseas, we ask that you share the love with family & friends, help those less fortunate than yourselves, respect & protect our women & children, enjoy & dance to the music of your life, gives thanks & prayers to our brave men & women serving in uniform‘«™.and never forget:


Ay te watcho, from the Land of 1000 Dances,
~ Frankie Firme

About Frankie Firme ~ Contributing Editor:
Frankie Firme is the "Al Capone of the microphone & the Hitman of West Coast Chicano Soul" heard daily on Internet Radio
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