My Home is My Refuge

What makes a peaceful home

By Hermelinda Ramsay
Published on LatinoLA: November 21, 2009

My Home is My Refuge

1. Turn off the TV and read!
2. Spend more time playing board games with your children.
3. Have a candlelight dinner with your family at least once a week.
4. Keep clutter to a minimum. Be organized! Get rid of things you don't need and give them away to charity or have a yard sale.
5. This is old school...have dinner ready when your husband or wife gets home from work.
6. Turn the lights down low, and burn gently-scented candles; men love vanilla (proven through research).
7. Use your best china and crystal for your family. They are your honored guests! Use linen napkins -s ave trees.
8. Have an indoor fountain. Make your home a haven of beauty and comfort.
9. Don't be a drama mama/papa when your husband or wife gets home from work.
10. Have a schedule for your children's afternoon and evening time (homework, dinner, and bath time).
11. Read to your children at bed time.
12. Make up bed-time stories, and encourage your children to make up stories too; this encourages their creativity.
13. Make a date with your spouse.
14. Make a date with each one of your children. It makes them feel special.
15. Be silly and spontaneous. Relax; don't take yourself too seriously!
16. Smile! Praise! Speak gently. Harsh words are harmful. Hurtful words can not be taken back.
17. Make cookies for the children on a rainy day.
18. Tell jokes. Encourage the children to make up jokes. Tiny tots love knock-knock jokes.
19. Encourage the children to cook for you.
20. Speak of God's love and Universal truths.

About Hermelinda Ramsay:
Melinda holds an MBA with an emphasis in International Marketing. She is currently a Doctoral candidate. She is a partner in the Personal Discovery business, The Center for an Excellent You.
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