Education, Free from Tyranny

We must act now to insure the future of our children

By Slowjoe
Published on LatinoLA: December 8, 2009

Education, Free from Tyranny

Day after day the sun comes up, it goes down and the moon rises life goes on. It's never been up to us to decide one way or the other and yet we perpetuate the idea that somehow we have something to say about it. All in all it's but a blink and our time is over.

Someone once said that plastic was really invented by the earth itself so that when man is annihilated it'll have something to play with. I like to think that in the grand scheme of things there's a noble and virtuous elevation that hasn't been realized, an ideology that will save humanity from itself.

The truth is that life is precious. We've all heard prominent people remind us of how important global ecology is or the state of relations between people. Anyone of us can hold the secret to the betterment of mankind. We contain sublime ideas that can unleash answers. It's within our capability to solve the unsolvable. All we need is a sense of urgency and an educated public. If you're a spiritualist, you may define it as divine providence. Whatever the motivation good people can do extraordinary things. Who knows what genius lurks in our mist?

So the importance of education, free from tyranny, becomes the catalyst. Our children remain our greatest assets. Without their facilitation life's future has no chance. The more we emphasize logic in our discussions the less anarchistic it becomes. The chance to share information, to solve problems is the epitome of self-actualization. We spend far too many resources on other things.

Education, formal or otherwise is the chocolate chip cookie that will simulate imagination. It can condense thought, funnel ideas, prove theories, make changes and improve our world. Every facet of community can improve. There are neither rules nor expectations that can prevent us from moving forward if it is conducive to logical thinking. Free education is the answer.

We already know that harboring prisoners is more expensive that sending children to college. We only have to take our cars in to a mechanics or pay a plumber to realize how important finely trained craftsmen are. Every child should have the opportunity to select an educational course. It's in our best interest and will obviously pay dividends in the end. We must do what it takes to insure that our governing bodies have the same forethought.

Lastly, we must encourage our children to seek out every opportunity; we must make it our mantra. We must instill in them the same ideas of hope and fortitude that wisdom brings. Through example, we reinstate what life can be, as solid as the sun coming up in the morning and the moon at night.

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Just another car dude from South San Gabriel
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