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Cruizin' L.A. Wit the Girls

The Little Cave: A great little place, in a great part of town

By Mia Soto
Published on LatinoLA: December 9, 2009

Cruizin' L.A. Wit the Girls

Cruisin' on a Friday night with "yer girls" is nothing new for this "almost Veterana" de Los Angeles (old enough to know better, but young enough for the luxury of not giving a damn once in awhile...nothing illegal, of course!), I thought I'd get off the emotional horse for a quick minute, and give you all a taste of MY side of town!...Mia's L.A.

I want to talk about a little L.A. place called "The Little Cave". No cheap go-go girls, no bouncer w/too much attitude, no wannabe gangsters or pimps...but some great staff and a great crowd, just keepin' it real, for a real good time!

With regulars getting greeted at the door, and newbies with I.D's in hand waiting to get in, my girls raved about this place till finally one Saturday night they convinced me to go. It was alright...My first impression was ...what's gonna be so different? There's a lot of cool clubs in L.A.

Not really giving it a chance that one night in the not so distant past, I decided to go back, only this time it was Friday!

As I walked in I paid close attention to all the things I missed my first time:

Walking into a pulsating dimly lit room, bats overhead afloat on red orbs..... I got the feeling I was in a cave, till I noticed the bar to my right. At the bar waiting to serve my favorite beer "red stripe", I noticed the bartenders, that personify a melting pot of different cultures, and I think: How refreshing!

Welcome to Highland Park!

Making my way from the bar to the back patio where all the smokers and small talk was taking place, I managed to hear a classic banger from Michael Jackson which took me back to when I first heard that song....

The bar itself is small, with side and back patios, which makes it a bit easier since it DOES get busy and crowded. The barback-bartender who locals know as "Shorty" chills outside selling beer to those who don't want to fight the inside crowd where bartender Juanis is pouring three drinks at a time.

At this point it's close to midnight, and my photographers call to tell me they're waiting in line and can't get in. So I make my way to the Felix the door guy, and ask him if they have to wait? He tells me "If Juanis gives me the o.k. then I can let them in".

Once again, I find myself pushing my way in the crowd to get to the bar where I get Juanis' attention, and tell him I'm working on a piece but I want to take pictures and can't do that unless my guys are in. He hesitates and finally looks up at Felix and tells him "...Go ahead".

As we walk through the bar, I notice that D.J. Sweet Caroline doesn't miss a beat. Spinnin' one of my fav's "The Seed" by The Roots, followed by a classic dance hall jam "Bam Bam" by Sister Nancy, I see people all around me bumpin and grinding on a makeshift dance floor.

We finally make it back to the side patio, and it's where we meet Sol, the Cave's only mujer barback. So cool, yet mad busy picking up empty glasses and bottles, she still managed to pose for us.

As I looked around, I meet up with some locals in a conversation about a punk band, so I naturally had to get them to pose for us. Where else could you hear two D.J's talking about punk while D.J. Sweet Caroline is playing some old disco for us grown folks...?

The Little Cave caters not only the working class, but artists and D.J's who are trying to blend in on an off night....not a bad idea, huh?

The Little Cave is definitely one of the best little L.A. watering holes I've been to in a long time. The attitudes are loose and the drinks are stiff.

Meet me down there...

Note: For more info~

A very special thanx to the amazing kick ass staff who always keep it together while smiling

Juan aka "Juanis" Bartender

Felix - Door guy

Martine - Bartender

Tim - Barback

George - Bartender

Shorty - Barback / Bartender

D.J. Sweet Caroline

Last but not least, Sol (Barback).... who makes me proud to be a Latina !

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