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Get Away LA!

Best places to surf south of the border

By Susie Albin-Najera
Published on LatinoLA: December 16, 2009

Get Away LA!

Warm water, long point breaks and uncrowded conditions are just some of the reasons why the surfers love the waves of Mexico. When I spoke to Surfer Magazine's Senior Writer and 'Curious Gabe' columnist, Gabe Sullivan, he revealed his top five picks for the best surfing spots in Mexico in this particular order:

1. Barra De La Cruz, Oaxaca

2. Todos Santos, Baja

3. Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca

4. Rio Nexpa, Michoacan

5. Zihuatanejo

"The perfect combination of 80 degree water, 80 degree air temperature and 80 percent humidity is what keeps me coming back to Zihuatanejo," says Sullivan. "Your body is at total peace in that environment. We like to stay at the Manzanillo Bay Inn. Great huevos rancheros, ice cold Negra Modelo on tap and a fun left hand point break out front."

Baja Bill, owner of Baja Surf Adventures, has been surfing Baja for more than 45 years.

"The following surf spots are my favorite today because of uncrowded conditions, where you still can surf free and keep stoked up."

1. Bahia De Rincon, Baja. I have been surfing here more than 25 years and love this wave; long point break and no crowds. I never get tried of surfing here.

2. Cobbles, Baja. Very good rights and lefts and never a dull moment here.

3. Roberts Left, Baja. When firing, this wave is the feeling of being in Indo because of the power and length of the wave and barrel. When we receive a good NW swell, it becomes a beautiful right hander in the winter. This wave gives me the power of North Shore without the crowds.

4. Salina Cruz, Oaxaca. All the waves here are a regular foots dream, great barrels, long rides and warm water. It's starting to get crowded in this area but well worth the time to surf here.

5. Central Baja. Love to surf here in the fall and winter. The entire area is my all time favorite for surfing with large WNW swells, long right hand points and reef breaks here, and still semi uncrowded, even today. This area has incredibly good waves and beautiful vistas.

The story of Baja Surf Adventures

During a camping trip back in the mid 80's at Bahia De Rincon, Bill was sitting around a campfire with friends when they suggested he turn his love into a business. Since he enjoyed taking people south of the border, cooking, making sure everyone was taken care of and especially finding the best places to surf, it made sense. Bill liked the idea and told them he'd think about it.

After entertaining the idea for about six months, Bill went to his favorite spot in Baja and asked the owners of the land if he could buy it. They told him no, but rather he could lease as much land as he wanted.

"The person in charge of the point said, tell me when to stop walking when you think you'll have enough property for your camp," recalled Baja Bill. "He walked 220 feet of prime viewing area of the point. And that's how it started and now has grown into what it is today, a beautiful place to come and my clients feel like they're part of a big family here."

Surf Camps and Eco Tour Destinations

Baja Surf Adventures has two new camps coming in 2010, one in Mazatlan and the other in La Ticla (off the Michoacan Coast). Both camps will be run by experienced surfers who know the ropes of the regions and the great surf spots for the guest to enjoy. The camps will have eco tours as well, so guests can enjoy different sports actives and see points of interest in each area.

Visit Baja Surf Adventures for more information on locations, camps, tours and schedules. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, surfing in Mexico can be an exciting and yet peaceful water sport to enjoy. Just ask the pros!

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About Susie Albin-Najera:
Susie Albin-Najera is a freelance writer and public relations and marketing consultant specializing in the Hispanic Market.
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