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Delicious Menudo

A tradition for New Years

By Maria Reyna
Published on LatinoLA: December 31, 2009

Delicious Menudo

Feliz Ano Nuevo a mis amigos en

For as long as I can remember my family has been cooking Menudo for New Years.

It has been a long time tradition in my Family

The word "menudo" in Mexico can mean the raw stomach meat as well as the stew. The word tripas (tripe) normally refers to the small intestines rather than the stomach. Tripas are also eaten, but normally in tacos rather than stews.

Menudo is a traditional Mexican dish; a frequently spicy soup made with tripe. It is often thought of as a cure for a hangover since it tends to instigate sweating, causing the body to release toxins. Is traditionally served on special occasions or with family. Usually, lime, chopped onions, and chopped cilantro are added and some also add crushed oregano and extra crushed red chili peppers for a spicier taste.

Menudo is time intensive, taking some six hours to make. The meat should be rinsed clean first.

Menudo usually has tripe, honeycomb and "librillo" stomach beef meat along The feet and tendons are boiled first at low to medium heat for about three hours. Skimming off the top layer of floating foam about every 15 minutes for the first hour helps the flavor. After the first three hours, the stomach meat should be added along with salt, an onion cut in half, and one or two heads of garlic.

A very important part of the menudo is the chili paste that is added at this time as well. The menudo is allowed to continue boiling for an additional three hours while covered to avoid evaporation. Once it is almost done, add the hominy.

Menudo is said to taste even better after re-heating since the flavor will have concentrated more.

The popularity of menudo in Mexico is such that Mexico is a major export market for stomach tripe from US and Canadian beef producers. Large frozen blocks of imported menudo meat can frequently be seen in Mexican meat markets.

Menudo can mean "small, thin, worthless, vulgar, (money) change, tripe, and tithe from small orchards. It is unknown if the soup came to be known as menudo since it was made up of tripe or if any of the other meanings, which are many, have something to do with it.

Menudo: easy recipe.

3 pounds of tripe cut into bite size pieces
One onion
3 cloves of garlic:
4 pound mixtamal
Cook chopped up tripe about 2 to3 three hours in onion garlic and salt fifteen cups of water.
Wash and rinse mixtamal-and add 4 pounds mixamal, Add ten cups of water with mixtamal.
cook for an additional one hour.

If desired add six california chile pods: de-seed and de-stem chili pods, boil in a cup of menudo juice for 10 minutes, blend till puree and add to menudo cook for and additional 30 minutes.

Garnish with onions, cilantro, oregano, crushed red
Chile pepper, lemon wedges.

Happy New Year, Amigos!

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