Starting Off the New Year/Decade in the Land of 1000 Dances

Living, laughing, and dancing in the City of Angels in 2010

By Frankie Firme ~ Contributing Editor
Published on LatinoLA: January 9, 2010

Starting Off the New Year/Decade in the Land of 1000 Dances

Ahhh...the holidays are finally over (thank GOD!), and a new year and decade are upon us. Time for some fresh starts and new moves after a few adjustments.

2010...Wow! Never thought I'd make it this far, but I'm glad I did. I remember those old 1970's futuristic movies about the year 2000 and beyond...and it's not at all like we all thought it would be...asi no mas!

For a lot of people I know, and a lot more I don't in Aztlan, 2009 was one of the worst years for all of us financially, but we survived, made some adjustments, and continued to move along with the current of life....giving up just isn't a Brown thing, know what I mean?

Laughing and dancing is our way of getting even with the troubles of the world.

One of things I noticed in 2009 was that people didn't make a lot of out of town trips and vacations, choosing to stay closer to home and enjoy local people, places, cuisine, and entertainment.

L.A. continues to be one of the hottest spots on earth , and we all lived, loved, laughed, and danced in 2009 until it was gone...and now it is...but the good times, good food, good people and good music are still here !

Some of the more amusing e-mails I've received so far this year are from Gente telling me "I'm hitting 30 this year...time to get my shit together..", or " I'm hitting the big 4-0. Gotta get back in shape and start planning for my retirement" or "I'm hitting the half century mark this year...sure went by fast!"...(and people aren't talking after them digits, LOL!)

My response has been the same: So what? No sweat! Been there, done that, and getting older doesn't hurt a bit, and it's NEVER a reason to stop living, laughing, loving and dancing to good music in the Land of 1000 Dances, so don't !

...and I got friends to help me prove that.


Continuing his world renown comedy shows at the Pasadena Ice House, comedian Rudy Moreno, another vato who laughs at numbers over 40, brings it to you now on Wednesday nights, with his popular LATINO COMEDY SHOWCASE. This month, two dates are scheduled for taping for television, and the public is invited. Rudy and his lovely wife Arlene also deserve a big thanks for their successful 18th annual Komics for Kids Toy Drive benefit concert this past holiday season. For more info: www.rudymoreno.com.

Nothing happens more often or better than at one of L.A.'s hottest spots for dancing and entertainment that is Peter Jaramillo's Whittier Radisson Hotel & Ballroom, for that good looking, hip, mature Chicano crowd that knows how to party. This month, the Jaramillo Entertainment Group starts of a killer 2010 season of entertainment & music by bringing you the world famous sounds of THE TEMPTATIONS, live on stage, on Saturday, January 16th.

"Got to give the people what they want...and what they want is first class entertainment, a clean, modern and friendly party atmosphere, and the affordable luxury the Whittier Radisson Hotel is known for throughout Los Angeles", Peter says. Along with FREE secure parking, luxury room discount specials, drink specials, and some of L.A.'s best known club DJ's, this Motown tribute concert will be selling out fast! For tickets & info: www.jegrp.com or call (626) 488-3344.

Peter also deserves a big thanks for the many benefit fund raising events he has had for struggling Chicano artists in 2009, and of course, his 2009 L.A. PHAT JAM Benefit Concert supporting the Los Angeles School of Music & Art this past summer. gracias, Peter & staff! ( Another homie who joined me in starting life anew after 50!)

Moving along a little down the freeway to Montebello, Rudy and Steve Salas, aka THE SALAS BROTHERS of TIERRA fame, will be joined by some well-known L.A. music friends such as DOWN WITH 3, members of TIERRA and EL CHICANO, hot new groups like THE HEAT, VIERNES TRESE, and a host of other surprise music guests at the PALOMA ROOM (formerly the Montebello Inn) on Whittier Boulevard, on Sunday, January 17th.

Starting at 3 pm, the public is invited to a musical tardeada, with food, FREE parking, raffles, door prizes, and some the East Side's best musical talent with some surprise guests. Proceeds will benefit the new LATINO ARTIST SERVICES group, and Studio2425. Both were established to assist existing veteran and upcoming Latino music artists in Los Angeles, and they are planning some expansion of their services in 2010, but need our help.

"There is so much untapped Latino music talent in Los Angeles, and somebody has to help expose and promote this wealth of music and art in our community to the world. The art of music is beautiful, and has been and for generations, describing the people, OUR people, of those generations, and I just couldn't see it all slip away into obscurity," Rudy Salas tells LatinoLA. "So we established Studio 2425 and the L.A.S. as a way for L.A. artists to establish themselves, grow, record, stay alive, cross-promote, perform, and gain the exposure in the commercial music world they might have otherwise been denied. When my brother Steve and I first started in music, there were a lot of small public venues where people gathered, and we could perform and get a little bit of exposure from those venues, which helped launch our careers. With the advancement of music genres and the digital and Internet world, those small venues are all but gone, and today's artists face a tougher world of commercial competition and exposure.

L.A.S. and STUDIO 2425 wants to even the playing field, and we invite and welcome all support and new artists to meet and join with us in this new decade of change and more great music to come."

SUNDAY, January 17th from 3pm to 9pm ~ We'll see you all there, and don't be surprised who else shows up !

For more info: (323) 346-3400 ext 1

And finally, who could make the coming new year and decade better than Southern California's Crown Prince of Comedy, and the San Fernando Valley's favorite son, MR. GILBERT ESQUIVEL and his classic EAST SIDE COMEDY AND OLD SCHOOL MUSIC REVUE show. Featuring some of the Country's most funniest and popular comedians and classic Old School and top 40 music spun by some of L.A's best DJ's for a full night of dancing and romancing after wards, and this year DJ Bobby Arias kicks down the dancing tunes.

The show will be happening at the popular ODYSSEY Restaurant and Grand Ballroom in Granada Hills on Friday, January 29th. Doors open at 7:30 pm, and reserve tables are available.

FREE parking, food, and 3 full service bars in the luxurious ambiance of the famous ODYSSEY Ballroom in the heart of the San Fernando Valley await you, and all the giggles you can bring!

This baby ALWAYS sells out so get your ticket now at gnrentertainment@aol.com or call (310) 518-2229.

So there you have it! Four great, heavy hitting Los Angeles entertainment events for the first month of the new year, and new decade...

.....We're not getting older...just better!

About Frankie Firme ~ Contributing Editor:
Frankie Firme is the " Al Capone of the microphone & the Hitman of West Coast Chicano soul" heard daily on Internet Radio
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