$400 Movie Goes Theatrical

Filmmaker from Guatemala Julio Ponce Palmieri takes his feature film "Rabid Rage" theatrical.

Published on LatinoLA: January 13, 2010

$400 Movie Goes Theatrical

The suspenseful thriller "Rabid Rage" received a theatrical release in Guatemala this past November and played alongside Hollywood giants such as Michael Jackson's "This is It", Megan Fox's "Jennifer's Body", "Saw VI" and blockbuster "2012".

What is unusual about this particular feature film going theatrical is that it was made with 400 Canadian dollars, filmed with one camera, no crew and using a single laptop for post-production. The film was written, edited and directed by multiple award winning filmmaker Julio Ponce Palmieri, and it was produced in association with Ma Please Productions from Canada.

Recently showcased in the 2009 Festival Del Cinema Latino Americano in Trieste, Italy and named "Filmmaker on the Rise" by the 2007 Queens International Film Festival, Julio Ponce Palmieri has made his mark in the & film world in five short years by making no-budget movies, with "Rabid Rage" being his third feature film. Seven of his short films have acquired world-wide distribution with Ouat Media in Toronto and are regularly played on TV in Canada and Guatemala.

"Rabid Rage" tells the story of a group of people who stumble across an escaped soldier who was the victim of a military experiment gone wrong in which multiple poisonous agents mixed with rabies was used in a serum to increase aggressiveness. As one of the members of the group becomes infected the story is thrown into a mix of action, suspense and drama culminating in a finale that nicely sets up a sequel.

For two full weeks, Guatemala was able to enjoy "Rabid Rage", which received the support of the theatrical companies Cinelandia and Cinemark. The event was also covered by the local press and the TV media where Julio Ponce Palmieri appeared numerous times relating the details of this amazing journey. Ready to begin seeking DVD distribution, Julio Ponce Palmieri is eager to show the rest of the world what he can do with only 400 dollars and prepared them for when he receives his first Hollywood type budget, already proving his potential and dedication to filmmaking with this record-breaking accomplishment. With that purpose in mind, Julio Ponce Palmieri will be approaching film investors and bigger productions companies in order to continue making films the way they were intended: with a budget.

For more information check out: www.movieset.com/rabidrage and www.imdb.com/name/nm1900981/

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