Interviewing With Power With Don Martinez

Ace your Interview every time!

By Don Martinez MCC, MNLP/ Practitioner
Published on LatinoLA: January 19, 2010

Interviewing With Power With Don Martinez

Ace your interview every time!

The subject of interviewing has become a hot topic over the past 24 months. Most people are trying to figure out what has changes about finding a job. As an executive career coach I have been retained by high performing individuals that faced being laid off. What most people have come to realizing is that it's not the companies, but it's them that have changed. Not being familiar with interviewing most people leave interviewing to chance only to learn that they are being rejected and turned down. Well working with many companies seeking to hire, it has been stated that hiring managers are just as frustrated with the talent pool and the candidate's lack of preparation. One hiring manager states he fills optimistic about hiring yet feels confident they will find better quality candidates by taking an extra few weeks to make sure they interviewed all qualified candidates. Most companies admit they have an edge, they can find the best suitable candidates that meet their organization over all needs.

This level of rejection can take a toll on individuals. Many healthy people have found their life's shaken up only to cause an imbalance to their quality of life. Recently I have come across individuals experience a form of post pardon depression, not knowing that they are experiencing this change it's not surprising to learn a high number of people become depressed. While this sudden shock requires treatment it should not be left untreated. What Don believes is that you can dream the possible dream with designing your career destiny with the right plan.

One recent coaching client had found himself laid off after 12 years. What was discovered is that he was a very unique professional in fact he had only held two jobs in his life time. His last employer he believes was going to be the company he was going to retire from.

Why people are not hired:

- Poor personal appearance

- Inability to communicate clearly, poor voice, and grammar

- Lack of planning for a purpose or goals

- Lack of enthusiasm and confidence in the interview

- Condemning past employers (Negativity)

- Failure to look the interviewer in the eye

- Limp handshake

- Late to the interview

- Does not thank the interviewer for his/her time

- Asks no questions

- Lack of knowledge about the company, business or the position

Don Martinez a career development expert touches on how individuals can develop a solid game plan for career success. But before you can get the job, you will have to get through the gate keeper and inform of the decision maker.

Interviewing with Power is about learning the fundamentals of helping individuals gain control of their career search. With a tight job market, more and more people are finding that interviewing has taken on a whole new meaning. is designed to guide you to understand some key steps to the interview process that gives you the power to be in control of your outcome. People may question the teaching but we can guarantee that the principles you learn will make a difference. I ask that you all open your mind to this basic teaching. In my 25 years and my track record of placing more than 3000 people, think of what you have to gain from learning one of my principles. Interviewing with Power is a reconditioning method that will create a wealth of effective, practical self-educational concepts to activate your true communication style.

The interactive questions are designed to have you reflect and think about every aspect of your interviewing experience. The objective of this teaching is to condition you to learn and study your interest and subject. In fact it's my goal to have you become a subject matter expert in your field.
If you have an area of interest, you will want to make sure you gather up as much information, books, CD, resources to read and study every day. You will be provided with a Thirty-Day Challenge that will help condition you to change your approach and challenge you to do something different. What you will learn if you make this commitment to stay with what I'm teaching even after this lecture, it will create even a more solid foundation of your personal mastery of communication. Once you have completed this course you will want to continue to grow and learn to expand your focus and desires in business or your career. You will immediately be able to play your running game in all aspects of your life.

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About Don Martinez MCC, MNLP/ Practitioner:
Don Martinez is an active Master Certified Coach, Certified MNLP/MTT/Body Practitioner,
Rank one of the Top 5 Executive Coaches in Orange County Ca.
The Paul Merage School of Business UC Irvine Executive MBA and MBA's
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