Don't Become a Twitter Quitter

Starting and maintaining a Twitter account doesn't have to be overwhelming

By Maricela@vpepr.com
Published on LatinoLA: January 20, 2010

Don't Become a Twitter Quitter

Did you set-up a Twitter account that you use sparingly or not at all? You'll be glad to know that you're not the only one.

According to Nielsen Research, more than 60 percent of U.S. Twitter users fail to return one month after they register. Getting people to actively "tweet" has been an ongoing challenge for Twitter. Several reports have indicated that Twitter's growth has flat-lined and its traffic is slowly declining. However, where there is a challenge, there is globalization and a potential for growth in international markets.

Starting and maintaining a Twitter account doesn't have to be overwhelming. Many applications are available to help you manage your Twitter account so as not to become a "Twitter Quitter". When I first joined Twitter, I didn't know what to expect or that it would eventually grow to 23.6 million U.S. users. I started my account a year ago, but like many of you I was a little skeptical. I wondered if I was wasting my time or if this little blue tweety bird would emerge as a useful social media (marketing) tool.

I kept my Twitter account active and started following people in hopes that they would in turn follow me. As a public relations professional, I started following my favorite journalist, marketers, social causes and interesting blogs such as The Huffington Post, Mashable and a host of others. I also began to follow social media experts because I wanted to use the latest tool of my trade to stay sharp. I soon started getting emails letting me know that certain people were now following me on Twitter. It was both exciting and over overwhelming to say the least--I was now becoming an "active user." I often thought, "With my busy schedule, how in the heck can I make time to 'tweet' several times a day every day?" But, eureka, thanks to my coworkers and people I was following, I soon discovered several applications to make my Twitter experience almost seamless.

To help you not become a Twitter Quitter, the following are some applications that can help you manage your account, search for new followers and some are just for fun.

Hootsuite or Tweetdeck helps you manage and pre-schedule your tweets. You can also link it to your Facebook account. I prefer Hootsuite but recommend you try them both and decide which you prefer.

Twitpic let's you share photos on Twitter

Wefollow is a Twitter directory that helps you find people to follow based on areas of interest.

Friend or Follow helps you figure out who isn't following you back or who's following you that you're not following back.

Twitter Grader is to measure your reach on Twitter. It actually gives you a grade!

How long have you been tweeting? is a fun tool that figures out how long you or people you follow have been Tweeting.

Please note that this list is just small snap shot of the Twitter applications available. As you become more familiar with Twitter, you'll find other useful tools. I've discovered that Twitter becomes more engaging as you follow more people and more people follow you. Feel free to share the Twitter applications you find useful.

?íBuena suerte!

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