The Nuts are Running the Nut House

Republicans and Democrats . . . repent!

By Alberto Marrero Salas
Published on LatinoLA: January 23, 2010

The Nuts are Running the Nut House

In Cuba there is an old joke that goes like this.

A man calls the local police station and asks for the Captain.
He is told that the Captain is out having dinner.
He then asks to talk to a sergeant he was told he went home on an emergency.
Finally he says that he would like to speak to a Policeman and he is informed that they are out drinking coffee and eating doughnuts.
In desperation he finally says who am I talking to?
And the voice answers: "A prisoner."

In the US the expression is the nuts are running the nuthouse.

Both on the left and on the right.

Michelle Malkin, a darling of the extreme right, has continuously stated her opposition to the fact that a person born here is a citizen no matter what the legal status of the parents. This is found in the 14th amendment to the Constitution.

Malkin favors a position that at least one of the parents must be a US Citizen in order for a person born here to receive citizenship.

She regards children born to undocumented workers and legal permanent residents as "anchor babies."

The concept of anchor baby is that the baby who is born here would be eligible in the future to immigrate his parents and his brothers and sisters, thus the term anchor. (Through the petition process INS form I-130)

But there is a fatal flaw to her argument. Michelle Malkin's parents were both from the Philippines were both here on NON-IMMIGRANT visas when she was born. Therefore that makes Michelle Malkin and anchor baby.

Michelle, as an anchor baby herself, would deny the same benefits that she enjoyed. Malkin also sides with Judge Arpaio.

This type of logic seems par for the course for Malkin. She wrote a book a few years ago which stated that Japanese Americans should have been grateful for the internments that took place here in California during World War 2. ( Sent to semi-concentration camps in the California desert.)

Nisei lost homes and businesses due to internments and recently the US Government apologized and paid reparations of $10,000 per internee.

The Italians and the Germans on the East Coast were not interned. Only the Japanese Americans were subjected to internment.

Malkin claims that this was done for their own protection and therefore they should have been grateful.

Malkin glosses over the real reason that the Japanese were interned was due to the fact that they were a people of color and not white like the Germans and Italians.

Malkin is a fraud and a demagogue and how she can appear on television with any credibility is beyond me.

Lou Dobbs, that old cross-burning racist, has more credibility than Malkin.

On the left we have the health care bill. There is no reason not to reform healthcare. There is no justice in canceled health insurance and folks not being able to obtain health insurance due to "pre existing conditions".

My granddaughter had a cut on her foot that needed five stitches. In order to avoid lawsuits a number of tests were run. The total bill for the cut was over $1,800.00. That is about $350.00 per stitch.

The reason for the high cost? The fear of medical professionals of lawsuits filed by unscrupulous attorneys.

The solution? Tort reform. But with the Trial Lawyers Association contributing millions and millions to the Democratic Party tort reform is out of the question.

Then the special deals made to Nebraska and Louisiana. Why should the rest of the states specially Kalifohnia which has a 19 billion dollar deficit have to pay for Nebraska?

Also specials deals for the unions such as the SEIU rose the ire of the voting public. Why should some poor smuck who is not a member of a union have to pay for a union member?

Why? Because the SEIU has the Obama administration in its pocket.

That is why Scott Brown won in Massachusetts. People are tired of both the extreme right and left.

Its time for the nuts to stop running the nuthouse and for prisoners to answer phones at Police stations.

About Alberto Marrero Salas:
Worked at Merrill and Pru Bache during the 70's and 80's when greed was good and yuppies were in.
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