The SWOT Team is Here!

Get to work on changing your weaknesses and threats to strengths and opportunities

By Hermelinda Ramsay, MBA
Published on LatinoLA: January 26, 2010

The SWOT Team is Here!

A marketing student learns the SWOT analysis in a basic marketing class. What is it? Is it a special police force? No, but it is your personal potential to discover a few things about yourself. A SWOT is your personal analysis of your external environment: opportunities and threats; and internal environment: strengths and weaknesses. Let's look at what your personal SWOT analysis would look like:

-You are kind, generous, and sweet.
-You are charming.
-You are attractive.
-You have a great job.
-You have enough resources to make the mortgage/rent.
-You have a perfect marriage and lovely children.
-What degrees do you have?
-You have great people skills.
-You are intelligent and resourceful.
-You have good networking skills.

-Are you Debbie Downer? Always complaining about what you don't have and wish you had? You are not fun to be around!
-Propensity towards: depression (as above), the world owes you a living, laziness, lack of motivation.
-No technology skills,
-No foresight.
-No organizational skills.
-Being too optimistic in business can hurt you!

-Are you resourceful: Can you make money with little skills, money, or education?
-Are you intelligent: continue your education?
-Do you have time to take a college course either online or in a traditional classroom?
-There are many free meetings at Chambers of Commerce, churches, and other community events where you can network.
-There are people who will loan you money if you have a good idea. Use other people's money (OPM) to start a business.
-The Internet is full of places to learn new skills and knowledge.
*Ask God for opportunities*

-Economy worsens.
-You get fired or laid off.
-You lose your house.
-Natural disaster: earthquake, flood, etc..
-You get divorced.
-You have a car accident, your car gets totaled, and you can't get to work.
-You or a family member gets terminally ill or disabled.

This is a people SWOT analysis and you can basically enter anything that fits your situation. This is helpful to see how much you are blessed, or to see what you need to work on. Remember that when you see all your strengths and opportunities to be grateful and thank our Creator who loves and wants the best for you.

If there are too many weaknesses and threatstake a deep breath. Pray without ceasing! Get to work on changing them to strengths and opportunities.

About Hermelinda Ramsay, MBA:
Ms. Ramsay holds an MBA with an emphasis in international marketing. She continues her education as a candidate for a Doctorate in Business Administration.
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