Fiesta Agent El Diablito Speaks

Now's YOUR chance to have use of a new Ford Fiesta for six months, with free gas, insurance and lots of adventures

By Abelardo
Published on LatinoLA: February 5, 2010

Fiesta Agent El Diablito Speaks

In April 2009, Ford gave out 100 Fiestas to 100 online personalities -- they called them agents -- for six months, along with gas and insurance.

One of those agents was L.A.'s own El Diablito, who for 12 years was a morning show producer/stunt guy/on-air personality for a Spanish-language radio station in Los Angeles that shall remain nameless (OK, the late, great SuperEstrella).

The Fiesta, which launched in Europe in August 2008, is the first in a series of global, fuel-efficient small cars from Ford. It will go on sale in North America in early 2010. And Diablito and 99 other agents helped spread the word by documenting their monthly adventures and sharing them via social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

Now, Ford is entering the next evolution of the Fiesta Movement, looking for a new batch of agents with an entrepreneurial spirit, creative vision and passion.

Agents will also have access to an all-new 2011 Ford Fiesta for the duration of the program, including gas and insurance, and a shot at winning a brand new Fiesta for themselves and their teammate. They're looking for 20 teams of two from around the country.

Ford will also provide the public spaces and help connect these new agents to local creative talent to bring these ideas to life. Additionally, Ford will be giving them the support and resources to organize cultural events that will engage their local communities.

Interested? Better hurry: All applications must be completed and submitted by February 7, 2010 at HURRY!

OK. Now let's hear from El Diablito:

"I was one of four thousand applicants. This was a great opportunity, because I had just been laid off, and really, I wasn't in a fiesta mood. But being chosen showed me that my life was destined to be in a Fiesta, to regain what I lost, in a good way.

"My adventure began in April 2009. I had the car for almost seven months, with free gas and insurance. We all had cool adventures.

"I was the only bilingual, bicultural Latino and had the opportunity to take care of my own, hand them the keys, get behind the wheel and drive a brand new car that's not even out yet.

"I could see that just by driving it, I was creating a buzz: Though it's a compact, it feels like a big, luxurious car. I had voice command, a sunroof, Bluetooth, genuine leather seats, air climate control. Whew!

"I took it to the track, taook it to the canyons. I liked the speed. You could really take it to the limit.

"My most favorite, most memorable moment was when I got to 'taxi' for my daughter, Luna. It was a treat to pick her up and take her to Toys R' Us.

"What did I learn? It's so easy to get people interested in this car. Word-of-mouth, of course, but also through social networks. Plus, I got a lot of feedback on the Fiesta.

"Would I recommend LatinoLA readers to apply to become an Fiesta Agent? Hell, yeah! Who doesn't want to drive a cool car, get free gas, free insurance, and have an experience that they are going to love like crazy. They're going to enjoy a lifetime of memories and really impress their friends."

You can read more about El Diablito at

And you could apply to be a Fiesta Agent at: HURRY!!!!!!!!!!

And here's the adventures of the first 100 agents:

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