10 Steps to Implement Right-Wing Education Reforms

Ways to take power away from student advocates and implement right-wing education reforms

By Jose Lara
Published on LatinoLA: March 1, 2010

10 Steps to Implement Right-Wing Education Reforms

Step 1: Implement culturally irrelevant standardized testing to "prove" that our schools are low performing

Step 2: Force English Language Learners to take the test completely in English to further show the dire situation in schools with high amounts of language learners. Repeat this process with Special Ed. Students, this time with a devilish smile.

Step 3: Receive political campaign contributions from large testing companies to continue this process.

Step 4: Label schools as failing and blame the teachers for failing our students. Continue this process by further blaming the teacher's union for protecting bad teachers.

Step 5: Wrap the language of "reform" with language of "freedom of choice" and "helping poor students" and "supporting students of color". Well having no genuine interest in doing either (this helps make the case to the public).

Step 6: Be champion of "reform" by closing down schools, giving them away to corporate charter school or forcing teachers to give up union contract protections in order to improve schools.

Step 7: Get rid of "trouble teachers." Fire and discipline teachers who speak up for students' education rights and learning conditions. This can be done easily now that there is no union or many of the union rights have been taken away

Step 8: Receive campaign contributions from private companies and large corporations and "grants" for implementing "reforms" in the schools.

Step 9: Congratulate yourself for gaining right-wing friends and their corporate testing companies and private corporations, and for getting rid of trouble making teachers who can no longer advocate for students.

Step 10: Repeat steps 1-9, reinforcing and strengthen policy each time.

About Jose Lara:
Jose Lara is a Social Justice Educator and Community Organizer. He teaches at Santee Education Complex HS in South Central Los Angeles. He currently lives in Boyle Heights, Aztlan.
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