The Next Big Battle

Already, tens of thousands of American citizens and residents have taken to the streets all over the immigrant nation

By Armando Gudino
Published on LatinoLA: March 27, 2010

The Next Big Battle

Health care reform has passed and already over 100 house democrats have met with the FBI and representatives of the Capitol Police to address security concerns including vandalism, harassment and the proverbial death threat.

Just as the ink dries on the landmark legislation slated to change the very foundation of health care in America, the dormant or perhaps restrained immigration elephant in the Obama closet has set itself free and already tens of thousands of American citizens and residents have taken to the streets all over the immigrant nation to affirm that the next big battle has now set itself in motion.

But how will this battle play itself out?

A year ago in April we heard the Obama administration say that it will keep its promise to fix the Immigration system. A system that has seen an increase in immigration raids since Obama took office.

This as Racial tensions in America continue with Mexican immigrants being beaten to death in the East, white frat boys holding "Compton Cook Out's" in the West, Sarah Palin as popular as ever and the bigot Sheriff Joe Arpaio from Arizona considers a run for the Governor's seat in the anti-immigrant state.

So as the powers that be prepare themselves for what will undoubtedly become a modern day political Ultimate Fighting Championship, we must ask ourselves: "Are the Democrats ready for the bloody battle in the political Octagon? Are immigrants and Latino citizens ready to fight?"

So with picket sign in hand and ballot box in sight, Latinos need to get out there and show what they got! Obama should hold down the "do not touch legalization" and "amnesty" buttons, both of which seem set the obstructionist right wing on fire, makes some Democrats shutter in fear, and will undoubtedly improve the very existence of this country.

We need to hold Obama accountable and insist that he make reform happen now!

About Armando Gudino:
Armando is a Political Analyst and Communications Consultant who resides in Los Angeles. He currently works with the Latino Voters League a Political Advocacy organization in LA.
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