We Are All Free To Speak

America is free and so are you and me to differ...

By Proud America JAC
Published on LatinoLA: March 23, 2003

We Are All Free To Speak

I walked in streets of old where my brother at age thirteen hid to avoid the conscription call

My parents made line to buy me a Russian toy and did it again to buy the pound of rice, beans and maybe oil

Who among you has lived [under] regime control, where your protest may be your life and that of those you love

Until you walk the shoes of the repressed, when you hear the tales of their daughters brutal rape

Why are you crying peace when these people are suffering? When many are walking in shoes full of holes

Is your personal comfort so much more than the life of the million people that will now be free to protest as loudly as you all?

We are free to speak and talk about non-American control of how we interfere in other countries lives

But that same interference is what made this country free, and created the venue for you to cry foul play

Yet don't forget that there has been more than one Hitler, of this generation one more is Sadam

I was born outside this country, I learned to love the land and am aware that not everywhere appreciates who they are

You are Americans, from a place for which millions love to plan and dream one day they can live in, support, and thank

Measure your words and remember that so called evil America only exists in the utopian fogginess of some of your minds

Live the shoes of poverty, repression, rape, gassings, executions that some of these people live

I wear a flag not in my sleeve, as I'm afraid to show my face to the violently but peaceful protest that I hear about

But in my heart, where I understand all the good I have gained, there stands proudly in red, white and blue the stars and stripes

America is free and so are you and me to differ and actively support and protest action taken

But don't make this another Vietnam, remember that the boys and girls out fighting are children with the same rights

Receive them with the due respect that comes from volunteering to defend the right you now so well use to scream out loud

If you can protest and sue for peace you should also thank those that defend the venue that creates the forum you now use

About Proud America JAC:
Proud America JAC is a Latina who is tired of hearing so much complaints about the war. Viva USA land that I love, stand beside her and guiala, por medio del desinteres mundial a la miseria sostenida del pueblo Iraki.

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