Random Rants and Musings

For thought is what drives us

By Jezli Pacheco
Published on LatinoLA: March 24, 2003

Random Rants and Musings

To speak is an event
To think is an event
To act is an event
To react is an event

If my poetic musings are rants
If what moves me makes you uneasy
If these experiences are quieted
If you can't listen as much as you talk

Then we are not a society
Then you should question your selves
Then I have made you think
Then all is not completely lost

For thought is what drives us
For exchange is what unites us
For differences is what makes us
For sacrifice is what creates us

In the time we live
In the land we love
In the society we change
In the constructions we reenforce

About Jezli Pacheco:
Jezli Pacheco can be reached at jezli@yahoo.com

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