Money for Writers: NALAC Fund for the Arts

Working on a book that requires travel and/or research you simply can't afford? Apply for a writing grant

By Marcela Landres
Published on LatinoLA: May 9, 2010

Money for Writers: NALAC Fund for the Arts

Waiting for the economy to improve before you pursue your writing?
Working on a book that requires travel and/or research you simply can't
afford? Apply for a writing grant. An excellent source is the NALAC Fund
for the Arts; past recipients include Angie Cruz, Nelly Rosario, and Sandra
Rodriguez Barron. Application forms will soon be available on the NALAC
website. Read this month's Q&A with NALAC Executive Director Maria
Lopez De Leon to learn more.


Maria Lopez De Leon is the Executive Director and a board member of
the National Association of Latino Arts and Culture (NALAC). She has over
twenty years of multifaceted experience in grass roots community
organizing and working with community based organizations across the
country. Ms. De Leon is the recipient of the Community and Culture
award from San Anto Cultural Arts, and was recognized with an award
from Southwest Workers Network for her work in support of community
in the struggle to achieve justice. For more information about NALAC, visit

Q: Does a writer have to be published in order to qualify for a NALAC grant?

A: No.

Q: What kinds of writing are eligible?

A: All types of writings are eligible; we have also funded research for writing.

Q: What kinds of writing are not eligible? For example, are Spanish
language works eligible?

A: There are no language limitations and we have funded writings in both
Spanish and English.

Q: Which are the three most common mistakes writers make during the
application process?

A: Some writers apply for a work in progress and instead of sending us
some samples of the work in progress, only send examples of previous
writings or other projects, which we do want to see but we also want to
read what you are working on. We also see some writers not paying close
attention to the budget form and not being careful to submit a balanced
budget for the project.

Q: How can writers improve their chances of winning a literary arts grant?

A: Describe the work clearly, send relevant work samples, pay close attention
to the budget, and answer all the required questions on the NFA application.

About Marcela Landres:
Marcela Landres is the author of the e-book How Editors Think. She is an Editorial Consultant who specializes in helping Latinos get published and was formerly an editor at Simon & Schuster.
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