An Open Letter to Michael Moore

The beauty of our freedoms is the right to say what we feel

By Gil Contreras
Published on LatinoLA: March 25, 2003

An Open Letter to Michael Moore

Dear Mike :

While I'm sure you're receiving much hate mail following your remarks at the Oscars last night, this won't be one. Of course, I totally disagree with you and found your remarks completely inappropriate. However, the beauty of the freedoms we enjoy in this country is that we all have a right to say what we feel, and that, I totally support.

While I may have chosen a different venue for such controversial remarks, I firmly believe you had the right to do it at the Oscars. Alarmists who hold views opposite of your own should not be calling for a "boycott" of you, Martin Sheen, Mike Farrell, and others who have greatly benefited form the freedoms of America. Not all who "have," are grateful, nor are they required to be. In America, one, such as yourself, can be just as self centered, emotional, and wrong headed as you like. Those like me, won't need a "boycott" to know that we won't watch your shows, go to your movies or waste our money on your books.

The only thing men and women such as myself and most of my family members who have served in the military in every conflict since the Mexican Revolution would like to hear sometime from folks like you is....thank you. Thanks for serving when I wouldn't...Thanks for fighting when I could've. Thanks for picking up a weapon and taking a post, while I bad mouthed our country, our president, and the very things you stand for...thank you.

I suppose I would have had more respect for you if at the Oscars, you would have simply accepted your award gracefully, said something like, "You all know how I feel about what's going, but for this...thank you," and left the stage with some class.

You wrote a book called, "Stupid White Men." Yes, you are.


Gil Contreras
Former U.S. Army Military Police

About Gil Contreras:
Gil Contreras is an ex-cop, award winning journalist and writer in Los Angeles. Email: Xcop1035@aol.com

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