Left? Right? Or Center?

Extremists are never good, be they from the left or the right

By Jezli Pacheco
Published on LatinoLA: April 3, 2003

Left? Right? Or Center?

I abhor the idea that because there are problems of inequality in our country (yes it's true) there are those that take to the streets singing and chanting communist propaganda. I come from a communist country and there's nothing I despise more than that red and black pennant for supposed equality. How dare these people use the name of Martin Luther King to promote their pseudo-humanistic ideals?

Where I come from the leaders of the same movement, because if you wear the red and black pennant than you are pronouncing yourself communist, they are today the owners of great mansions, the reapers of foreign kept dividends and killers of a comfortable future of the nation?s children. Martin Luther King asked for equality, he asked for the freedom to pursuit happiness, but not at the expense of all rights to others. He was not a proponent of "take away from the rich and give to the poor," No, he proposed the right for the poor to keep venues where they could also accumulates the riches they desired, be these monetary, social, spiritual, or physical. That is the freedom Martin Luther King, advocated for, and the one he died for.

The use of people of ?color?, as a slogan for the US communist movement is a move that undermines King?s words. These same ?El Che? toting people are obviating the fact that King?s movement was so successful only because he moved ALL the races not only the people of ?color?. By the way, who among you is aware of the fact that Che Guevara?s ideals were socialist not communist? That he wanted change, even if that was through guerilla warfare? He was a revolutionary, and if the communist movement chooses to use him as an ideal figure they can?t claim King as well. HOW can they marry a gun toting revolutionary with a no arms advocate?

The movement of the masses for government control is a well used and fully understood communist tactic. And the world-known rhetoric of social justice, liberty, and equality for the beleaguered is just a demagogue's haven. I would not be surprised that among the US communist movement there must be organizational ranking which in itself negates the supposed equality of communism. It is too bad that the Latin community is so lacking in strong conservative leaders that some turn to the blinding utopia promised by communists. Yes, I mention conservative leaders, because the Latin community is by and large of Catholic background which in itself is of conservative thinking.

Extremists are never good, be they from the left or the right, and that?s what communists are: extreme left proponents. Latin people are conscious of and understand the differences. We are all free to speak and chant and protest, but that in itself is only due to already given and applied rights that the US Constitution affirms. By the grace and help of Martin Luther King these are better understood and used.

In Saddam?s regime there is no equal rights affirming Constitution. There were random policing murders and repression. How is that better? I hear so much about the supposed thousands of civilian men, women and children that are being killed by the bombings. Yet the Red Cross, a respected humanitarian authority has reports of only 14 dead Civilians. There may be more, but certainly not the thousands that are currently being bandied about. That is propaganda. There has been more British and American deaths overall so far. How can we stand by and protect a regime that in doing war against a foreign force, kills its own people or are you unaware that there?s now population uprisings? That some Civilians are becoming Revolutionaries and joining the British forces in their fight against the Medina Troops?

America, love her or leave her. This country is not perfect but certainly the most freedom backing option.

May God, Allah, Buddha, Hindu Gods, and any Powers that be keep blessing AMERICA.

About Jezli Pacheco:
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