Transforming Youth to Leaders

How one LA family benefited from the CLYLP experience

By Misha Gutierrez
Published on LatinoLA: April 1, 2003

Transforming Youth to Leaders

If the path to success has a fork in the road, twin sisters Leticia and Anna Solis came to it at a young age. Both were teenagers in 1984, when their older sister, Hilda, who is now a congresswoman in the 32nd District ? San Gabriel Valley, told them they should apply for the Chicano/Latino Youth Leadership Project (CLYLP). CLYLP is a program designed to give young students a chance to view public policy in action by bringing them to Sacramento for a week long, intense look at what it takes to be successful in life.

In the Solis family it all started with Hilda, who was the first of the seven from the family to go to college and focus on what a positive impact CLYLP had on the family, as Leticia can still recall many of the life lessons she learned from that short time in Sacramento. CLYLP?s application deadline for this year?s conference is on April 18th.

The lessons still linger with Leticia, who now works as a manager for telecom giant Verizon.

?My eyes were wide with amazement,? Leticia, 35, said. ?This was my first real exposure to what it was like to have a structured, adult life with responsibilities and whatnot. It was like we got an early dose of what it was like to be in college.?

The Solises were born and raised in La Puente, California and have gone on to become significant contributors in both the business and science world, respectively. Leticia at Verizon and Anna is a chemical engineer at Fluor Daniel. Both graduated from UCLA.

CLYLP has the track record to show how students to be successful in life, giving them a taste of government life, but more than that, giving them a preview of what lies ahead. For the Solises, career success was where the road led them.

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About Misha Gutierrez:
Misha Gutierrez is a volunteer with the Chicano Latino Youth Leadership Project, tasked with promoting the conference's advantages to young students.

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