Anger, Confusion and Immense Sadness

Protesting a war that comes from pure ego

By Ruth Valle
Published on LatinoLA: March 28, 2003

Anger, Confusion and Immense Sadness

I'm writing this out of confusion as to how anyone can see that the protests have any effect other than a positive one.

They were intended to try and stop something that is wrong in the eyes of many people, not just Americans, people all over the world.

I'm not afraid to say that I was at the two biggest protests that took place before the war. I am proud that I was there trying to make a difference even though many people told me that it was pointless and it won't help to fix anything.

The people that took time to go to those protests weren't all, what some people would call, a "parade of caras de burros, all player-hating George Bush". The people that were there were profoundly brave and were forced to do everything described, like blocking an intersection, though I didn't really see any of it as being a deliberate disturbance.

We wanted to be heard.

Unfortunately our government refuses to hear us out, we are constantly ignored.

Like a child when it is ignored, it gets frustrated.

Any human being would. Especially when it deals with the matter of life and death. Not only were there lives of people on the line, but many of those people didn't really have a choice. They couldn't decide to stay even though they had a wife and a child back at home or else be discharged dishonorably. They entered and commited themselves. Most out of patriotism, but some out of plain need to support their family.

It's unfair to send them out to fight a battle of pure ego. This war has no real meaning behind it.

But I jump ahead of myself.

I write this to defend the people that protested out there with me and still continue to fight against this hypocrisy from our supposed "president" George W. Bush.

About Ruth Valle:
Ruth Valle speaks for many of her friends and family, to give them justice that their husbands or baby boys are out there risking their lives. God protect them all.

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