What Is Right?

Support our troops, they say? But where do the put that veteran?

By Isaac Serna
Published on LatinoLA: March 31, 2003

What Is Right?

Today I had the opportunity to sit and listen.

I sat around and listened to co-workers, friends, and family they all talked about the war, both pro and con. They all stated that they supported the troops and I began to think: Here in America, a man can volunteer and service his/her country but when it becomes time for a job, one who received a degree is put above them. One who has experience is put above them.

Veterans typically go to the bottom of the pile.

Support our troops they say? But where do the put that veteran?

If you are a recalled reservist, you made the decision to serve our country. You take that pay cut and go to war but what waits for you when you get back?

Bill, bills, bills.

Credit card companies and creditors still expect you to pay those bills.

The right thing to do is to put a moratorium on those until you came back to your regular employment. If you died fighting for our freedom don?t you think that those bills should be excused?

If you look at leadership in our country -- from the boardrooms to our elected officials -- how many of them are veterans? Veterans put their lives on the line so we can have great freedoms.

How we can voice our opinions without the fear of repercussions, how we can choose new leadership without fear? And we do not give them the respect that they so deserve.

On Veteran's Day, how many private employers thank our veterans?

Most do not even give them that day off.

So today, if you know a Veteran, tell him thank you.

If you are hiring someone, take a good look at his application and give him some consideration for what he/she has already done for you.

About Isaac Serna:
Isaac Serna loves in Phoenix, AZ and is a 10-year Navy veteran. He serves on a local school board.

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