A Modern Day Cenicienta

From living in a storage unit to becoming a powerful business woman, Geraldine Strub has risen to the top

By Veronica Potes
Published on LatinoLA: June 11, 2010

A Modern Day Cenicienta

Most of Geraldine Strub's life had been an uphill struggle to achieve stability. Geraldine lived in a storage unit in Mexico City for years before finally getting the opportunity to change her situation. It took a perfect stranger to motivate and inspire her to get up and do something. The opportunity that was presented to her by this stranger was the only thing that opened up her eyes to a better life.

It was only after this life lesson that Geraldine was able to experience professional success. After several years of pursuing this business opportunity, Geraldine found herself at a company convention in Spain where she met her future husband whom was also involved in the same business as she was. The two hit it off immediately, and after spending two whole weeks together ÔÇô followed by a three-week separation ÔÇô she was soon engaged.

Eager to start a family, Geraldine found out she was pregnant with her first child but sadly she suffered a painful miscarriage. For the next several years, she consecutively miscarried a total of four times. Geraldine wanted nothing more at that point than to bring a child into their warm and loving home, but she was beginning to accept the fact that that was never going to happen.

One of Geraldine's long time friends recommended she try a new natural mangosteen beverage to provide better wellness and health. Surprisingly, after lots of prayer and consumption of this mangosteen puree, called XanGo Juice, she was able to conceive and give birth to a baby at age 42.

"We call Ashley our XanGo baby because the only thing we did differently was drink this." Thrilled that her life was beginning to change for the better, Geraldine decided to learn more about this company that had already greatly impacted her life.

"We wanted to be a part of it, because we knew we would be successful."

Geraldine and her husband traveled to Salt Lake City, Utah to pursue their newfound interest in XanGo. While there, they attended various workshops and met with the founders who taught them about the company and the industry. Captivated by all the success stories, Geraldine began feeling optimistic about the possibilities of an even better life.

"We realized that XanGo was a company that would allow us to achieve a better lifestyle than the one we had," said Geraldine. The main factor in deciding to become a distributor was the ability to dream.

"As a Mexicana, it is possible to have freedom and live the American dream; live where you want to live, drive the car you want to drive; travel where ever you want to go, when ever you want to go," said Geraldine.

Geraldine now focuses on providing this business opportunity to other young Latinos in the U.S. and Mexico who face similar situations as she had. She provides a platform where young Latinos can improve their self-confidence and better their economic state by joining this business venture. From a storage unit in D.F. to her new life, Geraldine trains new distributors, giving them the tools to be on the road to their own success.

"What drives me every day to keep my business growing is that now more than ever, families need our help to teach them that there are other options," said Geraldine while reminiscing on her past and her Mexican roots. Si se puede when you have a dream and the ganas to achieve it!

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