City of Bell: Aqui esta Tu Campanazo

City of Bell council members accountable for outrageous salaries!

By Sol
Published on LatinoLA: July 18, 2010

City of Bell: Aqui esta Tu Campanazo

OMG, the tiny City of Bell is in the news!!! All over the nation!!! Did you notice???? No. Well, no, it's not because they have risen to "save" Maywood's insurance payment disaster and manage this neighbor.

Unfortunately, it is also for a very shameful reason, one that should wake everybody up and just piss you off into action...letters, phone calls, protests, just get the word out!

In case you didn't notice the City of Bell's COUNCIL MEMBERS (elected by it's voting residents), have been recently exposed for filling their pockets (ok, buckets) and also those of their top officials, while meanwhile the pueblo slept.

Yes, folks the pueblo slept again. These city officials gave themselves salaries of $8K/month, ($100K/year) and they are also ACCOUNTABLE for among other things APPROVING the outrageous salaries of their top officials like their city mgr Rober Rizzo who earned $800,0000/yr!! (read the LA Times article here here)

Wake up City of Bell residents! The time is here to get these clowns out of your city. This level of reckless disregard for the PUBLIC SERVICE they were supposed to perform for their residents is shameful. BTW, the whole nation is now watching the poor, passive little City that was robbed by the very people entrusted to protect it.

So, if you haven't heard, NOW you have. Get up, get out y corran la voz, levantense y muestren que no estan dormidos. Watch your cities operations. Council meetings are regular and open to the PUBLIC, most are now on local cable. The people must take action to patrol these suited-up, unethical clowns.

Ask yourself, how does the council of a poor and tiny city approve a salary twice that of the nation's President? How did such ignorant unethical thieves fill council members offices???

Simply because they found a little nitch where people are not enabled to vote, and those who are do not get involved and did not value their vote enough to do their homework.

Otra vez, gano la ignorancia y la pasividad, y esta vez a la mira de la nacion, que verguenza. Levantense, necesitamos educarnos, involucrarnos y aprender los procesos gubernamentales, manejar el poder y sobre todo la gran RESPONSABILIDAD de VOTAR y PARTICIPAR en tu comunidad, porque es tuya!!

Shame on you, City of Bell officials, for such reckless disregard for your "public servant" duties, shame on you!! You are a disgrace to everything you claimed to represent.

About Sol:
Just another soul in the working class, striving to stay afloat.

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