Adapting Philosophy and Mythology to the Movie Screen

Guatemalan filmmaker Julio Ponce Palmieri brings to the screen wonderful adaptations on two very unique genres, in short form

Published on LatinoLA: July 28, 2010

Adapting Philosophy and Mythology to the Movie Screen

Multiple award-winning Guatemalan filmmaker Julio Ponce Palmieri has bravely ventured into adapting two genres that haven't been exploited in filmmaking: the philosophical crime drama and the mythological suspense thriller.

Running at 30 minutes, "Machiavelli's The Prince" is a modern adaptation of the book from the renowned but controversial philosopher Niccolo Machiavelli. The film tells the story of a man who is forced to take over his murdered father's profitable businesses and powerful status in the community. But before he can do that he must follow a series of Machiavellian instructions in which he must first avenge his father's death and overpower those responsible for it.

While some films have made reference to the philosopher, this achievement marks the first time that Machiavelli's work has been directly adapted to the screen and enjoyed in a fictional film format.

This is the second time that the Guatemalan filmmaker has adapted a philosophical story, having previously and successfully screened "Plato's Myth of the Cave" at numerous film festivals and currently on TVs via its worldwide distributor Ouat Media from Toronto.

Mastering the art of adaptation, Julio Ponce Palmieri has also dived into the mythological arena by creating another modern take, this time an intricate 15 minute short titled "The Hubris of Sisyphus", based on the wonderful myth.

It is the story of the cunning Greek figure who tricked the gods and Death and was doomed to perform a repetitive task as punishment. The morale of the myth is that every wrong action will eventually have its consequences either in the present, the future or even in the afterlife.

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