News from the Brown Side of Town, August 4, 2010

Chismes and happenings in the Land of 1000 Dances

By Frankie Firme ~ Contributing Editor
Published on LatinoLA: August 4, 2010

News from the Brown Side of Town, August 4, 2010

?ŪMi Gente! Enjoying the summer yet ??

Yeah, it's hot, and getting hotter in some parts of Aztlan than others.

By now, EVERYBODY's heard about the crooks and babosos down at City Hall in the city of Bell, California. Even Mayor Villaraigosa and City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo of Los Angeles haven't been busted so badly yet!

I mean, c'mon! The City Manager pulling down $800,000.00 a year, the Chief of Police jerking off to the tune of a half million a year, while the County & State District Attorneys, PLUS the FBI, and the remainder of the City Council DON'T even notice that the city's going broke, their police cars are old and have bald tires while they can only "afford" to staff 45 officers and their schools and public agencies are laying people off. Somebody's raiding the public cookie jar called pension...and these two putos are getting paid more than the President of the United States during a full blown recession while not even putting in a full work week?

What Armed Forces do THEY command? What other countries do THEY have a trade agreement with?....how can we get jobs with them, LOL?

I'm always viciously annoyed at undeserving executives and public officials who think they DESERVE these kind of bucks while the rest of the people around them are scraping by....then act snooty and affluent on stolen public money they never earned...

WE aren't stupid! Those that are doing the same thing in other cities are being MIGHTY quiet right about now!...or watcha, they going to start secretly downsizing THEIR perks, monkeying the books, THEN publicly trying to convince us they ain't crooks...while seeking election or re-election....

The fact that A LOT of other people that matter didn't say a damn thing when they damn well should have, tells me that THEY must be in on the cash grab, got paid to look the other way, and are responsible for the repercussions coming to our society as a result of this.

Y watcha‘«™NOW the City manager of Maywood, who previously worked for the City of Bell for a piece of the pension action, has just resigned so SHE won't be in the public eye

‘«™the rats are running as the sewer starts getting cleaned up‘«™watch who's next!

Hell, NOW tell kids crime doesn't pay! To hell with robbing and selling drugs, become a politician!!! Like members of Congress, no matter how long you served, you will get a handsome pension & medical retirement plan for the rest of your life, all paid for by us pendejo taxpayers, many of us who don't even vote, yet we bitch the loudest...can we get real, here? I mean, the City of Bell illustrates how raising taxes, fees, and cutting services DOES NOT work for the betterment of ANY community‘«™but sure makes a few rich!

And speaking of rich, did you hear Lindsey Lohan is going to get a free ticket out of jail after only doing 2 weeks of a 90 day sentence for 2 DUI's and a probabtion violation? Como Paris Hilton, if you're young, blonde, sexy, and making other people lots of money, you will get a quebrada. Like Mexico's coyotes & carteles, America's vultures & vampires pull the strings‘«™.

Not even 300 years, and our American society's crumbling like the fall of ancient Rome and the Aztec Empire, and the overthrow of the French Monarchy, as corruption and greed take priority over the needs of the masses...and the masses will suffer until they overthrow the powers that be in total disgust and frustration....

But the "mordida" is everywhere during these tough economic times. Por ejemplo, did you know that if you're NOT a Bank of America customer, and you try to cash a Bank of America check AT a bank of America, you will be charged $5.00, regardless of the size of the check? Can you imagine the millions of people around the country who aren't Bank of America customers that get paid with Bank of America checks, and simply just want to get their money?...well, you do the math!

SOMEBODY's beach house, Mercedes, and call girl bill is getting paid!...capitalism....WHAT A COUNTRY!!...and it's gonna suffer...

...it's coming, and unless it's done right through the legitimate power of the voters, I hope it comes AFTER I'm gone... 'cause it's gonna get ugly!

Ya estuvo! Enough of dark predictions..let's get into some sunshine for a minute aqui en La Tierra de Mil Bailes.....

Congratulations to the guys from TIERRA for a successful Texas road trip. Word coming up is that the guys from East L.A. made a great showing at the Tejano Music Awards.

When I'm not laughing (or feeling pinched) at the pendejados of American politicos, I'm having a ball busting a gut laughing, enjoying good food, and enjoying cool drinks & great music at Cory Silva's Thursday night comedy show & dance party at the PALOMA ROOM on Whittier Boulevard in Montebello. Free parking, free admission, it's happening big time right here in Aztlan's backyard on the East Side on Whittier Boulevard every Thursday. For more info: 626-409-1919.

And speaking of the PALOMA Room in Montebello, it was the spot last Friday for a hot party celebrating CORY SILVA'S 50th birthday. Spotted on the dance floor as well as on stage was TIERRA's Rudy Salas, THEE MIDNITER's George Salazar, SATIASFACTION's Robert Benavides, THEE MAD LATIN's Louie Parra, singer Vanessa Figueroa from RHYTHM DEVOTED, and yes, that was Frankie Firme up on congas when he wasn't getting his boogie on. The gorgeous MRS. CORY SILVA was out personally serving guests some delicious food & cold drinks, and we all had a great time till closing. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Cory!!

The next evening, my Lady & I hit the road and headed up for Carpinteria, where PEPE MARQUEZ and the Latin Soul Review Band were hosting their CD release party
(Pepe's 3rd) at the popular downtown spot, The Palms Restaurant & Cantina. Known for their killer steak dinners and tall pi??a coladas just 2 blocks from Carpinteria Beach, the place was wall-to-wall packed as Pepe & the band knocked out 4 great sets of dance music, including some off his new CD, which features guest spots by TIERRA's Steve Salas and Mr. Rocky Padilla.

Singer Anthony Prieto dropped by and gave us a nice guest appearance, but 16-year-old Miguelito Leon stole the show with some outstanding conga work, including some eye opening solos that got everybody's attention.This young vato is gong to make a mark in Chicano music, watcha.
Pepe's new CD is on sale now and going fast. For more info: www.pepemarquez.com.

The next day, it was down to the "Barrio by the Sea", Oxnard, California, for the 2nd day of the 17th Annual OXNARD SALSA Festival, hosted by the one & only Pablo Ortiz of Gold Coast Broadcasting. Celebrating his birthday with about 60,000 or more of his closest friends, the day started off with a live performance by SUSIE HANSEN & her band, then New York's famed MAKINA LOCA rocked the afternoon, and the day closed with TOBACO Y RON filling the cool ocean airwaves with beautiful Salsa music. All the while there was food, drink, dancing and merrymaking along with plenty of unique shopping to make it a grand day under a perfect Southern Califas sun. See you next year, Oxnard!

As expected, the heavy duty SATISFACTION Band packed 'em in at the Norwalk Guest house last Friday, and promise to keep it hot this summer. For more info: www.satisfactionband.com. One of L.A.'s best!

Congratulations to East LA Revue Radio's CHICO MANQUEROS on his new CD
Gozando con Chico "the finest in Musical Pan Dulce" with hits from such fine Califas talent as The KOOL KATZ, NUESTRO, MESTIZO, LOUIE CRUZ BELTRAN, CHICO, SUENOS, and many others, including the King of Latin Soul himself, Mr. JOE BATAAN. 18 great cuts, guaranteed to sooth your summer ills. Available now at www.eastLArevue.com.

Friday night Salsa fills the pool area at the Whittier RADDISSON Hotel & Resort every weekend, as word has it that heavy hitters like SUAVE, Johnny Polanco & his band, HINDSIGHT, Chino Espinosa, La Charanga Cubana, Tabaco Y Ron, the TEMPTATIONS tribute, and other hot bands & DJ's are gonna make August hotter than ever in the Land of 1,000 Dances in uptown Whittier, where luxury is affordable.
For more info: www.JEGRP.com.

And if you're lucky enough to call the San Fernando Valley home or a place you can easily visit, the San Fernando Valley Marine Corps League is hosting another great "Friday Night at the Legion "dance at the San Fernando American Legion Hall on August 20th featuring THE COMPANY BAND with the "Diamond of the Valley", Ms BECKY CORDOVA . Happy hour with drink & food specials starts at 5pm, show starts at 8pm with dancing till midnight. For tickets call 818 -621-3920 or 818-645-5699.

Then, the BIG ONE!! The live sounds of THE TEMPTATIONS and THE MARVELETTES come to the San Fernando Valley for the very first time, hosted by the San Fernando Valley Marine Corps League, as the MOTOWN TRIBUTE SHOW makes it's SFV debut on September 5th. Tickets on sale now, call 818-599-2719 or 818-689-3190. It's gonna be happening like it's never happened before at the San Fernando American Legion Hall . Doors open at 5 pm, show starts at 8 pm, seats are first come first served !

Once again, I thank you all for the nice invitations to join Facebook, Hi5, Que Pasa, MySpace, and other blog spots ‘«™but I just can't get into all the viruses, worms, cookies, snooty bickering, hip-hoppers who can't spell, and amateur wanna-be porno stars that go with the territory. Call me old school, call me a dinosaur, but call me mellow and without complications‘«™.

Last but not least, ANOTHER BIG THANK YOU to the brave firefighters & police who took care of business in this week's south L.A. and Palmdale fires, saving lives & property in 100 degree weather‘«™like our brave men & women in the Armed Forces serving bravely in Iraq & Afghanistan‘«™WE HAVE THE BEST IN THE WORLD!

Orale, whatever I may have missed will probably be in this month's calendario, so check it out!

Ay te watcho, from the Land of 1000 Dances,

~ Frankie Firme

About Frankie Firme ~ Contributing Editor:
Frankie Firme is the Al Capone of the microphone & the Hitman of West Coast Chicano Soul
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