TOP Ten New Immigration Deterrents in $600 Mil Border Bill

11. Make them read (our invoice is in the mail)

By Al Carlos Hernandez, Contributing Editor
Published on LatinoLA: August 12, 2010

TOP Ten New Immigration Deterrents in $600 Mil Border Bill

10. No trespassing signs will be written in Canadian.

9. ICE vans cleverly disguised as peso- and food stamp-accepting taco trucks.

8. Parts of the fence will be made out of rubber bands, mechanically expediting the deportation process.

7. All 1,000 new agents will be steroid-taking former track and field champions.

6. Unmanned drones will drop paint filled pi??atas on Supercuts hairdos.

5. Insurance agents are more effective in getting people to want to leave the country.

4. Tons of highly magnetic boxer shorts will be distributed free of charge in Mexico.

3. Fashion police along the border will detain anyone wearing white or green church shoes.

2. Night vision goggles will come with fat mustache and thick eyebrows attached.

1. All "Welcome to the United States" signs will be changed to say "Welcome to Oakland" and or "Welcome to Detroit".

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