Michelle Bonilla Turns Writer & Producer With Slip Away

Latina actress adding credits to her list of talents

Published on LatinoLA: September 9, 2010

Michelle Bonilla Turns Writer & Producer With Slip Away

A well known face on mainstream television having appeared in twelve consecutive seasons of ER, Star Trek Enterprise and Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman, Michelle Bonilla could easily be just another actress content to move from one job to the next without looking to really challenge or push the boundaries of who she is. Bonilla however isn't that kind of woman.

Breaking the mold by coming out to the Advocate at the height of her career, Bonilla proved to the world that she was a out and proud Latina who isn't scared to face challenges in her way, seen not just by this courageous move, but also with her acting career with Michelle not being afraid to move between the secure major studio jobs and the more creative independent film genre.

As committed to pushing herself outside of her work as she is in it, Bonilla is also a woman passionate about making a difference, something seen with her charitable endeavors which have included running a 5K marathon at the 11th Annual Komen Race for the Cure, walking along side LA mayor Antonio Villaraigosa at the LA Aids Walk, contributing to the "The Hollywood Bag Ladies Lupus Luncheon" event benefiting the Lupus Research Institute and strutting her stuff in the The Dinah "L Word" Fashion Show (produced by Honey Labrador).

Whilst more than enough for most people, this ALMA Award-winning actress is far from done with her latest project putting her not only in front of the camera but also behind it as producer and writer. Entitled "Slip Away", the project is a short that tells the gripping story about love, addiction and self-discovery, posing the question of how far does one go before they simply "slip away"?

Inspired by true events, the story centers around the same-sex relationship of two main protagonists, Selena and Jane, but is far from just another lesbian themed film, with the harrowing story of being caught in a web of addiction making this a film that has as much appeal to to a mainstream audience with it's universal message that victory can be achieved against the odds. A move into a new and exciting area for Bonilla,

it is also a move that again sees Bonilla give back as she using the short as a platform to not only allow actors to play roles different than what Hollywood usually typecast them in but also give back through it's involvement with "The Los Angeles Women's Theatre Project" (LAWTP), an institution committed to helping women in the arts.

Impressive in terms of cast and crew ÔÇô the crew includes Tina Scorzafava as the director & co-producer, Jenn Garrisonas producer alongside Bonilla whilst the cast sees Bonilla appear alongside Thea Gill ("Queer As Folks"), April Grace (ABC "Lost"), newcomer Latina thespian Lauren Birriel, Wilson Cruz ("My So-Called Life", "He Just Not That Into You") and Hal Sparks ("Queer As Folk")

For further information feel free to visit: www.slipawaythemovie.com and www.michellecbonilla.com.

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