Failing Nation

A Vet's opinion

By Concerned Citizen
Published on LatinoLA: September 15, 2010

Failing Nation


I wanted to address the immigration issue. This seems to be a pressing issue within these United States Of America. Or at least I thought they were United.

I am a Veteran of 20 years and feel honored to serve the people of these United States. I won't identify which branch because I don't want any negative feedback or press at my expense. The military has enough to deal with.

I feel that I should voice my opinion since it is my constitutional right as it is yours to print your articles. I can't say whether most American Citizens agree or not but here it goes.

My problem with immigration isn't that people want to come into this country, it's that they do it illegally. I am not going to single out any one immigrant because there are several different races. There are immigrants from all over the globe that either sneak across the borders or let their visa's expire and stay.

I won't apologize for the process because it is the only one in place. Until our elected officials come up with a better solution this one has to work. The problem is when the illegal aliens come across the borders or stay after their visa's expire they put a burden on the natural born citizens of these United States. Why should so many have to bear the burden of people are exploiting a flawed system. A burden that nobody wants to shoulder, especially during these difficult economic times. Yet when people speak out, and they have every right to since it's their Constitutional right. They are maliciously attacked and called heartless, tyrants, racists, and every other name under the sun. The citizens have every right to complain, it's their/our country.

Now you can say I am a racist but you can't address immigration without identifying the fact that these people come from different and diverse ethnic backgrounds. So, they are identified by their ethnic origin. I don't complain when I get an ethnic survey from my own country so they can see what the American population has ballooned to. If I can be identified by my own country then surely an illegal alien shouldn't have an issue with providing proof of citizenship or visa. Hell, if that were the case then every person in the the Republic would be a racist. You can't say that people aren't racist because racism effects everyone. White, Black, Mexican, Cuban, African, European, etc, etc, etc............I would bet that there isn't a community in this Republic that doesn't have a certain degree of racism, it's human nature. I don't condone or advocate racism, I actually believe it is ignorant to believe there is on pure race on this planet. So get over it and let's move past the race card.

So, where do we stand? Lets talk about the borders. The borders of these United States have been riddled with trash and garbage. Miles and miles of national forest (Southern Arizona) have been effected to include the wildlife. People have been killed, robbed, terrorized by people exploiting human trafficking. Drugs are constantly brought over the border and innocent people have fell victim of drug smugglers as well.

Yet when naturally-born American citizens complain there is an outcry from all the minority groups. What is that, if your not an American Citizen then you have no voice. Look at some of the other countries of the world and see what their immigration laws are like and the penalties if your caught illegally. They aren't nearly as civil as the United States.

Arizona is under the gun for their immigration law, it is no big deal. The police and border patrol are doing their job. So what if they question my nationality, I don't care because I am American. To say it is an infringement on peoples civil rights, who's the illegal aliens? They don't have rights remember, they illegally entered the country. If Mexico wants to voice their opinion, they have no opinion because it's not Mexico, it's AMERICA! There is only one voice in these United States, that is the voice of the American People. Not illegal aliens, foreign countries, it is the American people who have a voice to complain.

Now, another issue is the lack of allegiance to the United States after the fact. If your become a United States citizen you break all allegiances with the country you left. You can still love your family but you chose to be American, so why do I see Cuban, Mexican, Haitian, African, Canadian, Spanish, etc, etc,etc,.......flags flying over American flags. That is not allegiance, that is an affront to the very country that opened its arms to these people. If you look into the archives of history and read what the men that forged this country, nowhere do you see them say fly your native countries flag when you become a citizen. No, they expect you to learn the language, learn the history of the United States, assimilate into society and become a productive American citizen. It says nothing about staying true to the country they left. And whether people like it or not, just because a child is born into the United States it doesn't hold merit when the parents are illegal aliens.

The American people want to know why they have to pay taxes, welfare, and pay into social programs but don't qualify for none of it yet illegal aliens get to reap the benefits from 308 million American citizens. Why are illegal aliens so important yet there are thousands of American children and homeless on the streets who could use some help. Yet I sit back and listen to all these different people tell me I'm awful because I don't sympathize with the illegal aliens plight.

I would like an explanation why nobody is on the side of the American Citizen. I have a couple of questions, I would really like you to sit down and think hard before you answer these.

1. Would it bother you if a foreigner burned your countries flag or flew their flag above your national flag?

2. Would it bother you if I destroyed you country/land with no regard to your feelings?

3. Would it bother you if I lived for free at your expense?

4. Would it bother you if I tried to change your national language?

5. Would it bother you if I saturated your borders and encouraged my countrymen/woman go to your country illegally?

6. Would it bother you if I demanded constitutional rights even though I am not a citizen of your country?

7. Would you liked to be called a racist or tyrant because you're speaking up to defend your country, your way of life, your flag, your constitution, everything American?

I am proud of being an American, I am proud I have devoted 20 years defending my fellow citizens from enemies foreign and domestic. I love my country and my flag. I have sworn an oath to defend my country and I will continue to honor that oath until I am planted by my children or grandchildren. You see, there is no cut deeper than the wound one feels when they see the country they love slowly being destroyed.

Americans love their country, we protect it like we protect our own children. When parents see their children hurt or in danger they lash out to protect them from the very danger that is set before them.

In closing I would like to again point out that I believe every American doesn't hate illegal aliens. I believe they just want them to go through the proper channels to becoming an American Citizen. To pledge Allegiance to the land they chose to live in and the flag that flies high about. America is made up of men of diverse culture, some came threw Ellis Island, some by other legal means. But whatever the port of entry they became American citizens .

I would like to thank you for this opportunity to write on your website. I really don't care whether you print this or not. Most people would probably attack what I have written, so be it. It's their constitutional right. I hope that you will keep an open perspective in your articles. I hope that when you write you will keep in mind not only the Latino, but the farmer, the fisherman, the mechanic, the CEO, the cashier, the plumber, the carpenter, the factory worker, and every American no matter of what his or her ethnic background may be. I hope you can appreciate the profound love and admiration I have for my country as well as my fellow countryman. Take care and my God hold you in his grace.

"Our great modern Republic. May those who seek the blessings of its institutions and the protection of its flag remember the obligations they impose.' ~ Ulysses S. Grant

The Anonymous Vet.

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