Victor Perez: Man of Honor

If we had more stand-up men like Victor in this country there would be less crime

By Al Carlos Hernandez - Contributing Editor
Published on LatinoLA: October 11, 2010

Victor Perez: Man of Honor

Victor Perez did what every man worth his salt should do: he rescued a little girl kidnapped by a degenerate freak. He was at home when he saw on the news that a young girl was kidnapped and he saw a description of the vehicle. As he looked outside, he recognized what looked like the suspect's truck. Victor went after this freak with his own vehicle.

The kidnapper eluded him but Perez was undaunted. He stopped the idiot four times. The kidnapper finally opened the door, let the girl free, and then took off like a girl himself.

Okay. Let's get serious here for a minute. Perez is an unemployed construction worker who has been picking grapes to feed his family. He isn't on welfare and isn't illegal. Smarten up America. Most Latinos are people of respect who live controlled and honorable lives just like Victor.

My heart swelled with pride to see a man standing up and doing the right thing. Physically involving himself to save others, this is what people of honor are supposed to do. Our country was based on such principals. There is a moral law of right and wrong.

Yet media is teaching us situational ethics that dialectic will, no doubt, fail. Like socialism.

We live in a time when innocents are victims. We cringe in our comfort zones, not wanting to get involved. Well, Perez's involvement saved a young girls life. Emiliano Zapata said it best: "It is better to die on your feet than live on your knees."

Young people need to know that there are people of valor ready and willing to protect them from the predators that society seems to coddle and indulge. Many sandal-wearing, non-workboot-wearing liberals seem to think that predators are troubled individuals who need counseling and understanding. I'm from the old school. We believe in "time's up" rather than "time out." If we had more stand-up men like Victor in this country there would be less crime. There are some people of integrity in his local community who have offered Perez a good job. Well, a good job for Perez right about now is governor of California.

Predators choose victims assuming that they have no protection or protectors. There are a lot of women who are abused in relationships because there are no real men in the family that the male perpetrator is accountable to. These women know if they call the police the perp will get a slap on the wrist and not the in-kind retribution they deserve.

That being said, it is common knowledge that if any man steps to my wife, or any of the women in my family, they have stepped up to me. All five of my grown sons are instructed to call the cops and an ambulance in this situation. Someone is going to jail. Someone is going to ICU. Mess with mine and I'll mess with you. Period.

The perp was caught a short time later based on another tip from a community member. He was taken into custody and will face justice - which is not necessarily condoned by the court system. Those in prison have a code of justice all of their own. The perp was said to be a member of a gang so this places the punk in double jeopardy. He has broken societal rules, but more immediately this has broken both gang and prison rules since he has chosen to be a child molester and rapist. This brings dishonor on his "click" and no ACLU attorney would be willing to do the time with him to protect his "rights."

We need to take back our communities from those who commit crime and prey on the people who are defenseless. Old folks are being robbed. Kids are being bullied at school for being different. And now a bunch of morons want to legalize marijuana. Guess what? This drug makes criminals even stupider and less inhibited. It also makes air-head politicians think it's a good idea to make more irresponsible drug taking legal. Go tell that

Victor Perez should be considered a modern role model and a hero. His actions are an example of valor in a time of victimization, integrity in a time indecision, machismo in a climate of Machiavelli-ism

President Obama should award Victor a national award of valor. Or we need to elect a president who will.

We also all need to take a page from Sr. Perez's playbook. I know I have.

fortiter in re, suaviter in modo
(Resolute/unhesitant in action, gentle in manner).

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