Where Do We Go For Healing?

maybe against the heart beat of a friend or to a wounded child

By Phil Goldvarg
Published on LatinoLA: April 12, 2003

Where Do We Go For Healing?

where do we go for healing.
caminando, let's go walking together,
where do we go for healing,
maybe deep en la tierra,
where we were created
and birthed from great caves,
maybe to las aguas del mundo,
where swift currents
wash our pain,
where do we go for healing,
maybe against the heart beat of a friend,
or to a wounded child,
sing to their torn skin,
cover it with sonrisas,
soft abrazos,
healing starts
by not repeating homicide, genocide,
or lusting for victory
in blind fury,
does healing sleep behind la noche,
waiting for nightmares end,
afraid to wake,
fearing that genocide still walks the earth,
where does healing wait
after la muerte has consumed our blood relations,
is healing a day dream,
unrealized hope,
how do we recognize healing,
is it masked, do we dare trust,
where do we go for healing,
temples, church, sacred places,
we must ask sisters and brothers,
where are the forgotten places,
discover the reality of spirit and respect,
go to the deep places of ourselves,
question our own motives,
truth we present as ours,
our journey is a lost path
unless others are healed
in body and spirit,
unless they can live without fear
that another genocide awaits them,
unless they believe our hearts are warm
and empty of lies and deceit,
we find healing in a song,
singing by the waters of our earth,
embracing a new birth
with loving eyes,
welcome to a new sister or brother,
we find healing
in an attempt to heal with a good heart,
without expectation of reward
that reduces the power of caring,
reaching out to another
is a path of faith,
faith is the healer
that wraps our ice sleep,
melts cold fear,
gives breath to life,
courage to move on,
where is this place
of wise ancestors,
their stories,
their songs
that heal shredded souls,
smoke of sage
that washes us clean,
winged prayer
that lights our way,
night under la luna,
day under el sol,
sends us healing hands,
el mar sings us peace,
las olas make us laugh with delight,
where do we go for healing,
maybe here, where we are,
on this earth,
among our relatives,
our own hearts
filled with the words of our creators,
they will take us in their arms
and ask us to dance,
whisper into our ears,
this is the way to healing,
where do we go for healing,
relax, we are here.

About Phil Goldvarg:
Phil Goldvarg at Hgold42734@aol.com

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