Feliz Cumplea?os

I can't say these words to you

By Maria Soto-Arzola
Published on LatinoLA: April 10, 2003

Feliz Cumplea?os

Feliz cumplea?os I can't say these words to you
Tu cumplea?os was a few weeks ago
I would've called you, but I knew you wouldn't answer
Instead I went to 12 o'clock mass and prayed for you

Tu aniversario is just a few days away
But I won't call you
Instead I will go to mass again and pray for you

I miss you so much

You would've been 52 this year

Instead I celebrate el aniversario of your death
A reminder of 4 long years that have gone by

Te extra?o muchisimo

When I have good news I still sometimes for a quick minute
want to pick up the phone and call you so you could be the
first one to hear of my latest accomplishment

Instead I talk to you in my mind, my heart, my soul
I know you are still proud, but it's not the same
To be able to hear those beautiful words "Good job, mija
I knew you could do it"

So I will pray for you not only on this anniversary but
every day of my life

Until we meet again

Feliz Cumplea?os
Be with God on your aniversario and always

De todo corazon, tu hija

About Maria Soto-Arzola:
Maria Soto-Arzola at marzola32@hotmail.com

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