DJ Q-Bert Doing It On the Tables

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By mia sota arzola
Published on LatinoLA: November 29, 2010

DJ Q-Bert Doing It On the Tables

Pioneer Turntabilist & composer Q-Bert made a special live appearance recently at Amoeba Records in Hollywood.

After his mini-show he invited other DJ's to come up and show there skills. Everyone stood around and admired the moment, as security "Gerard" was nice enough to make sure that everyone had a decent view.

Seeing everyone clap, nodding and rocking their heads back n' forth to the way he was making music with his craft of scratching was beyond words!

Q-Bert moves vinyl as if the record is actually speaking to you! Q-Bert known to be one of the most amazing DJ's of his era. He started of as one of the Invisible Scratch Pickles, coming out of the San Francisco Bay area.

Looking into the crowd you saw people of all ages vibing out, ladies dancing, everybody enjoying the moment.

It was cool to see DJ dads with there kids smiling and standing over their little ones as they said, "You see? That's what daddy does!"

Q-Bert mentioned very quickly as the line started to rapidly grow, that he was starting a school for people of all ages that wanted to learn the craft of scratching. Here in L.A. to promote his new record "Dirt Style -best of scratchm sea".

Q-Bert is an amazing turntabilist who knows the culture, the lifestyle, the craftsmanship of what it is to be a DJ in the hip hop world.

Fellow DJ C-minus said, "Q-Bert is the best when it comes to making music with vinyl, he's one of the best who will ever do it."

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