Steve Luciano AKA Big Lucky: Street Apparel Visionary

Supermax, Not Guilty, Joker Brand, Young & Reckless, The Hundreds ... all inspired by love for art and energy of youth

By mia sota arzola
Published on LatinoLA: December 10, 2010

Steve Luciano AKA Big Lucky: Street Apparel Visionary

Waiting in a little Mexican eatery on Washington Blvd in L.A‘«™‘«™

Steve Luciano, known to close friends as "Big Lucky", walked through the doors, straight towards me‘«™

‘«™Just the name alone is intimidating , right? He walked in with a great big smile on his face and I was like a kid in a Willy Wonka movie, just waiting to ask him all the questions I had for him in our pre-arranged meeting‘«™.

Steve didn't mind, so I cut to the chase and started with, so what are you working on right now? He said, he's been working on "Young & Reckless" along with "The Hundreds", two new clothing lines that are rapidly growing in popularity in the apparel industry.

Some of you might know or have seen some of the other lines that he has either created or helped build up in the past few years. Supermax, Not Guilty, Joker Brand, Famous Stars and Stripes, and now his focus is on The Hundreds and Young & Reckless.

With that said, I asked him everything I could. When he first decided he was going in the direction of the apparel world he told me that he stated off with a T ‘«ŰShirt line, and named the brand Supermax. I asked him where he came up with the name and very honestly he said, "I thought of the name for the shirt line when I got out of jail".

He said, the name stood for something, and it was a reminder of where he never wanted to go back to. I asked him how he got started, and Steve replied "I've always been brought in as a sales and merchandise man. I started with brands like Supermax, Not Guilty and Joker brand because it was what I knew, as far as themes. Street wear targeted towards a Latino market, though not entirely intentional, but something the Latino community embraced without a blink of an eye."

Even though most of the lines are geared towards men, he would eventually like to come out with a female line, along with one of his dreams which is to one day create a woman's shoe. Steve embraces the street credibility and of course the Latino community. He captures and embraces the essence of our youth today because they are the voice, they are the future. Steve says that he surrounds himself with the youth of today, people that are open minded because they are, who we were at one time.

He said that Young & Reckless defines it's style to be street wear combined with action sports wear. Functional in action, yet inspired by fashion.

He is inspired by art, and what better way to share that inspiration with the world than by putting it on apparel? The general process that goes through each piece of clothing is through memories of young life, and what he as a young man was going through at one point in his life.

Aside from being in the apparel / fashion industry, Steve gives back to our community. He works with the Walden House ( and is on the Board of Directors for the Pico Youth & Family Center (

Steve would like our readers to know that everything that has happened in his career is a solid foundation, and " I want to share it with others. My life has been a bumpy road and I have struggled, yet I'm always willing to share. I don't forget where I came from, what I've done, and my own battles in life‘«™ Now it's my turn to do something better for our future for the cause."

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