Like the Milk, Hate the Cow

Growing to love America, despite its faults

By Alberto Marrero Salas
Published on LatinoLA: April 12, 2003

Like the Milk, Hate the Cow

There is a saying in Spanish that goes like this?.le gusta la leche pero odia a la vaca. (He likes the milk but hates the cow)

Everyone has a right to oppose the war, to protest. That is your right under the Constitution. (My thanks to the men and women in the Armed Forces who protect that very same constitution).

There is however a difference between legitimately being against the war and those who are protesting because anything that the U.S. does is wrong.

The Mike Farrels, Ed Asners and the Martin Sheens have been protesting for 40 years. No matter what this country does, they protest. In the 1980?s they were falling over one another to hand the keys to Los Angeles to the Sandinista leader Ortega who was trying to arrange a visit to Los Angeles.

This while Ortega was leading genocidal attacks against the Miskito Indians in Nicaragua. Ronald Reagan bad, Sandinista thugs of the dignity batallions, good.

Now they liken George Bush to Hitler the United States to Nazi Germany and the invasion of Iraq to the German invasion of Poland. It is blood for oil!!! Death to corporate globalist capitalist neo-liberal racist facists! Long live the valiant people of Iraq!

No one except a moron could compare Bush to Hitler or the United States to Nazi Germany. Only a near moron could believe that the United States invaded Iraq for oil. Had the US had any desire to take oil it would have done so in 1991.

What did the US do?

In 1991, the Al-Sabah family that rules Kuwait as a kingdom would have gladly signed a deal to sell the US all of the oil it needs for the next 20 years at $10 a barrel had the US wished to do so.

The US could have said $10 a barrel or Saddam keeps Kuwait. We owed nothing to Kuwait and would have been justified to ask for oil in order to force Sadam out of Kuwait. We did not and since then until today we have been paying world market prices for oil.

"Surely ambition is made of sterner stuff."

Originally I was against the war. I thought about joining in protest marches. I abhor war. But then I realized that I abhored lies, idiocy and the vitrolic hatred that some people feel for this country even more.

I listened to some of the broadcasts on KPFK (Radio Hussein) and I could not believe the lies, misrepresentations, and hateful propaganda that was being aired. Radio Baghdad could not have done a better job.

America, Americans were portrayed as agressive baby-killing monsters. (Perhaps the now-unemployed minister of propaganda can get a job at KPFK. His rhetoric, distortions and near-comical lies fit right in with the program format.)

There is another saying in Spanish "Dime con quien andas y te dire quien eres." I simply didn't like the company I would be keeping.

America is far from perfect. Mistakes have been made and will be made in the future.

It is said that " people vote with their feet." People from all over the world risk their lives in deserts or shark-infested waters to come here. When was the last time you heard of anyone trying to get into the progressive socialist paradise of Cuba, China or North Korea?

There is no doubt in my mind that the United States of America is the greatest, most wonderful country that has ever existed on the face of this planet. Regardless of legal immigration status many of us became Americans on 9/11/01.

The people killed jumping out of buildings were no longer gringos, yanquis or Americanos. They were my fellow citizens. My New York had been attacked. My WTC where I worked in the 70's on the floor of the Cocoa, Coffee and Sugar exchange.

The experience of 9/11erased for many of us terms like gringo, spics, wops, dagos, niggers, kikes, chinks, micks, etc.......we all became one: Americans.

I have always loved the milk. I have grown to love the cow.

God bless our servicemen/women and may they be home soon.

About Alberto Marrero Salas:
Alberto Marrero Salas born in Cuba. Chose exile to living in a progressive communist Cuba in 1959. Director of Estamos Unidos Immigration. Married to Olivia from El Salvador, 8 kids.

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