Conspiracy Theory or a Nightmare?

What is happening in Wisconsin and Arizona is real, it is not just a bad dream

By Rodolfo F. Acu??a
Published on LatinoLA: February 24, 2011

Conspiracy Theory or a Nightmare?

Last August I wrote a piece tying David and Charles Koch to Arizona's Tea Party and Arizona politicos. I was immediately accused of propagating a conspiracy theory. However, since then countless articles have been published about the Koch brothers, the American Chamber of Commerce and the National Socialist Movement (Nazi Party) and their control of Arizona politicians, the Tea Party and paramilitary groups.

Not satisfied with an almost total takeover of Arizona's political apparatus, the Koch brothers have moved to establish a beachhead in the state of Wisconsin.The billionaire brothers through their political action committee gave Gov. Scott Walker $43,000 which helped fund a successful multi-million dollar attack ad campaign on his opponent during the 2010 gubernatorial election.

Emulating their draconian tactics in Arizona, the Kochs have launched a campaign based on fear.The difference is that collective bargaining rights for public workers in Wisconsin have replaced the undocumented worker as the scapegoat.

The Koch brothers have financed "Americans for Prosperity" that generously funds the Tea Party movement in Wisonsin. The president of "Americans for Prosperity," Tim Phillips, has acknowledged that he had encouraged Walker even before the election to engineer a showdown with labor groups. It is not incidental that the Kochs financed this campaign and contributed a million dollars to destroy public sector unions.

Further proof of the perfidy of Walker and the Kochs is that as late as January of this year, the Fiscal Bureau estimated that the state would end the year with a balance of $121.4 million. That same month Walker and the Republican dominated legislature gave away $117 million in tax breaks to businesses and private health savings accounts. Without this giveaway Wisconsin would have had a surplus.

Because of this gift to the rich, a financial crisis has resulted. In order to cover this up, the Kochs and the economic royalists have whipped up the hate machine and made the unions and pensions the scapegoats. The big lie is that Wisconsin is in trouble because of the unions--not because of its tax policies that subsidizes the rich. Their solution is to bust the unions, end pensions, claiming that the state's fiscal problems would then go away if the unions were busted.

Perhaps pensions are inflated, but let's put this into context. A lot of teachers and public employees went to work for government because of the pensions. Their pay in the fifties and sixties was way below the private sector. For instance, I turned down a sales job where I would have earned three times my teaching salary. Even today a beginning professor makes $50,000 a year in the Los Angeles area--this is after twelve years of university course work. The only drawing card is that their families will be compensated when they retire.

Beginning in the sixties lobbyists and business gained access to politicos who they used to control government.Many elected officials began to satisfy public sector workers through deferred salary plans which they called benefits. In this way they could keep the cost of government down, lower taxes for business and the rich, and keep quality workers. Now the chickens have come home to roost.

Instead of sitting down and negotiating a plan, establishing ground rules that would allow workers the option of a deferred payment plan or getting their money now, the Koch solution is to smash labor. The ultimate goal is to lower taxes for themselves and increase their political hegemony by eliminating unions as a check on their greed.

What is happening in Wisconsin is not by accident. It is a conspiracy to take over the state and purge dissent.

A theory is an assumption. There are various stages of a theory--possibility, probability and finally when it is proven--a fact.

Claims of fiscal responsibility, disloyalty, an alien invasion and unions causing the economic crisis are all "big lies" to generate fear, hate, anger and racism. These passions create smokescreens to hide the intent of the Kochs and their gaggle of economic royalists. A further injustice is that they do not pay taxes on the monies spent spreading the lies. Indeed, they are tax write-offs since they are channeled through their foundations.

In Arizona the undocumented were not a problem until opportunists whipped up the public. Inside of three years right wing extremists took over the state bureaucracy and intimidated federal officials. This campaign saw tea partiers, minutemen, vigilantes and other thugs running around armed to the teeth leading to the shooting of numerous innocent people.

For instance, in 2009 Shawna Forde, a leader of the Minuteman American Defense (MAD), directed a hit on the Flores household. It led to the murder of 9-year-old Brise??a Flores (pictured) and her father Raul Flores Jr. The mainstream Arizona almost totally ignored the murder until the trial of Forde. Brise??a's mother testified that the young girl was shot through the head as she begged for her life.

At this very moment, Arizona is trying to shut down La Raza Studies in Tucson. It is the premier program in the country, reducing the drop out problem to almost nothing and motivating students to stay in school and go to college.

What is the motive? Lower taxes, Republican control of the state and greed.

Arizona ranks almost last in per capita spending per child and has one of the worse public school systems in the nation as a consequence. In Arizona it is not the greedy unions that are to blame; it is the "illegals" who are smuggling in drugs, according to Gov. Jan Brewer.

Obsessed with hate, white Arizonans forget that the reason that the Mexican cartels are attracted to Arizona border is the availability of arms which can be bought freely in Arizona. Meanwhile, the National Rifle Association, the gun dealers and the banks profit.

This greed has created a nightmare. The only difference is that you can wake up from a nightmare. What is happening in Wisconsin and Arizona is real, it is not just a bad dream. The only way that we can hope to end it is by fighting back.

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